Vysage is a Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy VIII used to play the minigame and for turning into items with Quezacotl's Card Mod. Vysage is the thirty-fifth card in the inventory and the second Level 4 card. The card depicts all three enemies: Vysage, Lefty and Righty, though they don't always appear together in battle, and Lefty and Righty are not mentioned in the card name. The physical copy only depicts the Vysage.

Being a Level 4 card, the card values on the Vysage are not particularly strong, but its value placements may be useful for games that use Same and/or Plus.

Obtain[edit | edit source]

The Vysage, Lefty and Righty monsters have a 3.5% chance to drop the card. Unlike with most normal monsters, the player can't card these enemies with the Card command.

Any AI Triple Triad player who uses Level 4 cards has a chance of using Vysage in a play, from where the player can win it in a card match.

Card Mod[edit | edit source]

A Vysage card refines into a Wizard Stone with Quezacotl's Card Mod ability. It is a versatile refine item that turns into small quantities various tier 3 spells, and thus is a pretty good item to have on hand, though not usually worth prioritizing over other offerings on the table.

Physical version[edit | edit source]


In 1999, following the release of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan, Bandai produced a full set of collectible Triple Triad cards. The set was made up of the 110 cards as seen in the game along with 72 artwork cards and a collector's edition playing mat. The cards have a blue side and a red side. The cards have become a rare collector's item.

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