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Vylbrand (バイルブランド島, Bairuburando Tō?, lit. Vylbrand Island) is an island in Eorzea from Final Fantasy XIV, just southwest of the continent of Aldenard.


Vylbrand is separated from Aldenard by the Strait of Merlthor. The island is divided by a large volcano at the center.

La Noscea[]

The grassy fields of La Noscea

Characterized by beautiful and vast grassy fields, La Noscea is the location of the city-state of Limsa Lominsa.

Limsa Lominsa[]

A city-state originally founded 300 years prior to the game by shipwreck pirates, Limsa Lominsa is the main settlement for the 5 races on Vylbrand. Originally an unlawful haven for pirates, the threat of the Garlean expansion forced them to unite and organize to a level closer to that of the other city-states of Eorzea. Due to the pacification of the pirates, however, a lot of new reformed pirate colonies set up by Admiral Bloefhiswyn are disputed by the Kobolds of O'Ghomoro, while the Calamity forced the Sahagin to emerge from the sea in search of new spawning grounds for their youth in the western reach of La Noscea.

Lower La Noscea[]

A white-stone-cliffed coastline, lower La Noscea is home to both the Moraby Drydocks, the main ship-building settlement of Vylbrand and seat of Naldiq & Vymelli's smithing company, as well as the Red Rooster Stead, an agricultural settlement housing the Grey Fleet, a group of windmills built from the rests of decommissioned ships. While well inside of Lominsan lands, the stead still suffers from occasional Kobold raids, while the Drydocks must cohabit with a nearby Qiqirn group.

Middle La Noscea[]

A cliffside plain bordering the Lominsan city itself, the region was much scared by the Calamity. it is home to the Summerford Farms which are populated by newly reformed pirates, as well as the Foremast, the new seat of the Yellow Jackets. The region itself is also plagued by numerous grounded pirates that lost their ships to the Calamity or the Garleans and are thus preying on the caravans bringing goods to Limsa by land.


O'Ghomoro with Vylbrand's central volcano in the background.

Region north of La Noscea known for its vast lakes, waterfalls, mountains and forests.

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