Behemoth warning them of the dangers of Vulcan-O Valley.

Vulcan-O Valley is a location and track in the game Chocobo Racing. The wasteland is inhabited by Behemoth, a magical beast. During Story Mode, Chubby Chocobo leads Chocobo and friends to the wasteland, as it was said that there was a Magicite shard there. Revealing his large magicite piece, Behemoth challenges them to a race, where the victor will take all the Magicite pieces.


Course No: 8
Course Length: 2,350 meters
Difficulty: 4/5

The course starts the racers on a fairly narrow dirt road. After passing under a stream of flowing lava the racers will have to make a few simple turns. However, there are no walls on the right side of the road, and if the racers drift too far they will fall into the lava. The next portion of the course takes the racers through a tunnel in which they are forced to make a series of very sharp turns before exiting. The racers will then make a series of turns before coming to the next portion of the course.

During this portion the walls are much higher and the racers are allowed to travel along them. This portion is fairly long and the racers will have to make quite a few turns. The racers will then pass through several arches made out of bones, followed by a very short tunnel of lava before coming to a winding stretch of road. During this stretch of road the racers must use caution because of boulders coming down onto the road. If one of these boulders hits a racer they will be smushed for a short period of time.

At the end of this road there is a black and yellow sign signaling the racers to make a very sharp turn. Failure to do so will result in the racers falling off the road into the lava. After making this turn the racers have a short and straight stretch to the finish line. The background of the course features steam, lava, and volcanoes. The music for this course is a remix of the final boss theme from Final Fantasy II.



Behemoth possesses average speed and good controls. The best way to defeat Behemoth is to use a character with good control, preferably Chubby Chocobo. The player also must avoid the walls, even the ones which they can travel on, and take caution around the stretches of road where there are no walls.

Ability:Charge- Behemoth speeds and rams any opponents in front of him, causing them to spin out.

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