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A disembodied voice that guides the Blanks in Palamecia. No one has ever seen the owner of this mysterious voice, and only Blanks seem to be able to hear him. Vox has complete confidence in his own words, fashioning himself as a godlike entity, though sometimes he shows intolerance toward those who defy him, branding them 'heretics.'

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Vox is a non-player character in Mobius Final Fantasy.

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Largely invisible to those he does not seek to connect with, Vox appears as a fluid halo around the head of any being he speaks with. Echoes as well are aware of him, though it is not known whether they also see a halo.


Vox is an enigmatic entity. While he acts humble about being a disembodied voice, he is also manipulative and will use whoever he can to try to get his way, including sending Blanks to try to kill Garland when they wouldn't have stood a chance against him and using Chaos to try to fulfill Wol's prophecy. He talks in a very calm manner with a smooth voice regardless of the circumstances though he can become annoyed or angry on rare occasions.

While he guides Wol and even claims to hope to be Wol's "dear friend", he does not always guide him freely, often having Wol earn his advice. He also often abandons Wol to fulfill parts of the prophecy without his guidance.



Known as Voyce, he approached Lord Chaos and informed him of rumors that spread about him around Palamecia. He suggests that if he wants to win lady Sarah's heart, who has feelings for a young village swordsman, to organize a tournament in which he would best him, gaining the woman's favor. He later announces the first Palamecian Grand Tournament, recruiting men for the event. To encourage people to join he says that the winner will be able to introduce new rules into the tournament so it will not seem that Lord Chaos is enforcing them, and calls those rules "laws of Palamecia", cruel regulations that in future will dictate the lives of all living things during the times of the prophecy.


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When the group successfully defeats Chaos in its full power, Vox congratulates them and invites them to pass through the Gate of Hope. However, Vox denies Sarah's departure, as she is to perform her role in the prophecy.

It ended up being to no avail, as Wol and Sarah destroy Chaos permanently, thus negating Vox's prophecy and his purpose to perpetuate it, destroying him along with the gate.

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Vox means "voice" in Latin.