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Vossler is a boss in Final Fantasy XII. The party fights him on board the Shiva after the events of the Tomb of Raithwall. Vossler is one of the few bosses without a bestiary entry. In the BradyGames guide, Vossler is listed as the last entry of the "Bosses" section rather than with "Humanoids" where the other human opponents are listed.


AI scriptEdit

ReflectPlayer character casts magick (100%)
Enrage*(Bestows Attack CT0 augment)HP <40%; use once (100%)
Ignore EvadeWhen HP <50%
Normal Damage+When HP <50%
TargetingFocuses on Basch. If Basch is not in the party, attacks the opponent who draws the most enmity.

Battle Edit

Vossler is a weak boss and should be easy to take out. He will be accompanied by three Imperial Swordsmen who are of level 17–19, and have a 50% chance of having Haste. They have 845 HP and are immune to Sleep, Reverse, and Lure.

Fran will be afflicted with Berserk, and can dispose of the sidekicks with ease. If Basch is in the party, Vossler will only target him; without Basch, he will attack the party at random. When Vossler senses magick being cast, he will start casting Reflect. His initial Shell and Haste protection will wear off as the battle continues.

When Vossler's HP is depleted by 40%, he will start using Enrage, which enables him to attack instantly. This will help him build a combo of up to 12 hits and can be dangerous.

When the battle ends Vossler will apologize to Basch, and ask him to continue his duty, protecting Ashe.

Strategy Edit

As Vossler will always recast his Reflect, the player can distract him by setting one character to dispelling him, locking him into a loop of recasting Reflect. When Vossler starts comboing his attacks at low HP, it is worth using a Quickening chain to end the fight.

The party could also summon the newly acquired Belias whose Painflare inflicts considerable damage, particularly to the Imperial Swordsmen. Hellfire could finish Vossler off. Vossler switches his target to Belias almost immediately when it is summoned. In the original version the player needs to use MP to summon Belias, and thus Potions are recommended for healing him. In the Zodiac versions MP is no longer used to summon.

If the party has a sufficient number of Quickenings they can immediately aim all Quickenings at Vossler, and with a sufficient chain, can wipe him out. His sidekicks will not be a problem: as soon as Vossler is defeated, the battle will be won.

Gallery Edit


  • The BradyGames guide to the PlayStation 2 version doesn't mention the Black Belt as a rare steal from Vossler.
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