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Vollbow is a peninsular region of western Quon in Final Fantasy XI. It was useful for trade in the era before the Crystal War, providing a road from Zulkheim in the east to the Marquisate of Tavnazia. The mysterious destruction of the Marquisate separated its remnants from the rest of the continent, however, and greatly reduced the accessibility of Vollbow. It therefore stands as a largely forsaken territory in present day Vana'diel.

This region requires Rise of the Zilart expansion to access.


This region is subject to conquest.


  • Chamomile
  • Fish Scales
  • Rock Salt
  • Sweet William


Cape Teriggan[]


Cape Teriggan is a windswept, sandy wasteland that occupies most of the Vollbow peninsula. The Kuftal Tunnel arrives at its southernmost point while the Gustav Tunnel offers one-way departure to the northeast. It boasts substantial populations of manticores, cockatrices, velociraptors, and beach bunnies. The Alliance of Altana's regional outpost awaits couriers in the south.

Due to the addition of Fields of Valor, it has become a popular place for higher level players seeking to level up while solo or in small parties.

Kuftal Tunnel[]


Kuftal Tunnel is a dusty undersea passage that has become the unlikely gateway to Vollbow. It extends north from the Western Altepa Desert, which itself is part of an island southwest of Quon. Travelers must therefore endure a circuitous expedition to the south before beginning the approach to Vollbow.

As its map is obtained from a treasure coffer and therefore not standard issue, the looping tunnels of Kuftal may easily confuse an inexperienced navigator. Novice adventurers searching for the exit to Cape Teriggan must tread quietly to avoid the scores of Crabs, spiders and scorpions infesting the area. A notorious wyvern named Guivre has also built a reputation for spotting lost wayfarers and ending their time in the Vollbow region.

Valley of Sorrows[]


The Valley of Sorrows is an isolated subsection of southeastern Cape Teriggan. It is distinguished as the lair of the rare adamantoise. A particularly impressive specimen, Aspidochelone, sometimes appears in place of its kin.

Gustav Tunnel[]


Gustav Tunnel is the long, dark route linking Cape Teriggan in the southwest with the Valkurm Dunes in the northeast. The connection with Teriggan can only be passed in one direction, however, forcing anyone in Gustav to detour across half of Quon and the neighboring sea to return to the cape. Though the main tunnel is straight and narrow, a sprawling side cavern tempts spelunkers to delve deeper.

In addition to the numerous pugils and skeletons in Gustav, a cadre of wyverns occupies the area. Chief among them is Bune, who patrols the central passage and preys upon careless visitors.

Cloister of Gales[]


The Cloister of Gales is a cave in northwestern Cape Teriggan that contains the protocrystal of Wind. Examination of this stone may lead to an encounter with Garuda, a slumbering Avatar.