Volcano is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Puroboros's model from Final Fantasy X.

Stats[edit | edit source]



Battle[edit | edit source]

Volcano uses explosion attacks while low on health. In Oversoul it uses the powerful Flare spell as well as Sextuple Attack.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to take it out in one hit, or knock it down to about 1/4 of its max HP and then try to kill it in one go to avoid its explosion attacks, though having Fire-resistant equipment or abilities will help nullify that. In Oversoul, it is best to take it out as fast as possible. Using Black Sky, Flare, Ultima, or high-powered physical attacks works well against it.

Creature Creator[edit | edit source]

Fiend Tale[edit | edit source]

In the Fiend Tale endings, a notable Volcano escaped the capture of his kin by members of the Order of Yevon who intended to develop weapons from them. With the Gullwings' help, Volcano reaches Bevelle's underground where the experiments took place and uses his Self-Destruct to kill the Yevon scientists.

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