Final Fantasy Wiki
MP 30
Effect Changes the weather around target party member to "gloomy."
Duration 3 Minutes
Casting Time 3 Seconds
Recast Time 15 Seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Dark
Jobs SCH 53

Voidstorm is a White Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI. It provides the single dark weather effect, not the double dark weather effect. This will stack if the zone currently has gloom, giving effect of double dark weather. This will have no effect during miasma ("double dark"). Voidstorm triggers the latent effect on items such as Diabolos's Pole, enhancing the effects of Drain and Aspir in gloomy weather.

Gloomy weather has a chance (33% to 50%) to give dark spells a 10% power boost and a corresponding penalty to light spells and curing magic. If the Anrin Obi is equipped, the weather bonus will always be applied. Noctohelix always gains the full effect of this weather. If the caster has the merit job trait Stormsurge, then this spell will also increase all of the target's attributes by +1 (to a maximum of +3 with full merits).


Voids are vast spaces between filaments (the largest-scale structures in the Universe), which contain very few or no galaxies. Void is also a synonym for vacuum, a space containing no matter. The Void is a recurring element in the Final Fantasy series as the realm of formation of chaotic powers.


  • Voidstorm is the only spell classified as white magic that is of the dark element.