The voidsent are beings in Final Fantasy XIV. They are creatures grown twisted in mind and body due to being deprived of ambient aether needed for survival. Consumed in primordial darkness, the voidsent are the distorted aether-starved remainders within the realm deprived of life energy who seek to feed on the aether of other realms. Voidsent exist due the aetheric harmony of living creatures being shattered by an excess of dark aether, altering their natural forms and turning them into monstrosities where their excesses and desires are enhanced to uncontrollable levels.

History[edit | edit source]

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The first voidsent appeared when the "void" was created following the conflict between Hydaelyn and her antithetical dark twin counterpart, Zodiark. When Hydaelyn defeated Zodiark, Light was excised from Darkness leaving a wound in the aether. The wound split the corporeal plane from the "Source" into ten and three mirrored reflections. As part of their plan to resurrect Zodiark, the Ascians attempted to rejoin the thirteenth reflection to the Source, but inadvertently triggered a "Flood of Darkness" that turned it into the void. Any residents that remained in the realm would become the first voidsent, and the Ascians abandoned it as useless to their purposes.

Recognizing the power that lied within the dark realm, mankind developed methods of creating artificial rents to summon voidsent by creating temporary gateways in the veil between their realms and binding the beings into service with precarious bloodpacts. Voidsent were summoned either through the opening of a floodgate requiring massive amounts of aether to maintain, or a small hole through which the essence or soul of a voidsent passed through to possess a vessel provided by a summoner, requiring a stronger vessel to contain a stronger voidsent soul.

The Cloud of Darkness

In the Third Astral Era, Emperor Xande of the Allagan Empire sought to enter a covenant with the Supreme Voidsent, the Cloud of Darkness, that he might utilize her power to conquer the world. Years later, the mages of the Fifth Astral Era Mhach would follow suit and summoned voidsent into Eorzea not only to fight to fight their wars, but to power their creations, an endeavor which ended with disastrous results. Since that disaster, summoning from the void had fallen out of fashion, having been deemed both dangerous and harmful to the world's aetherial balance. However, separate groups of cultists have continued the deadly summoning practice and archived their achievements in finding immortality within forbidden tomes, such as the Necrologus.

The voidal hierarchy[edit | edit source]

Eorzean Scholars of the Void categorized the voidsent into one of twelve rungs representing relative strength and intelligence. The lower the number of rung, the more formidable the voidsent is in relation to others. The ranks have no bearing on a creature's actual standing within the void, and merely help Eorzeans better understand the voidsent.

Notable voidsent[edit | edit source]

  • Imp
  • Bomb
  • Arch Demon
  • Gaelicat
  • Gnat
  • Vodoriga
  • Mimic
  • Flan
  • Ogre
  • Persona
  • Soul Flayer
  • Taurus
  • Deepeye
  • Anchag
  • Deepeye
  • Page 64
  • Boogyman
  • Gremlin
  • Arioch
  • Void Monk
  • Cerebus
  • Demon
  • Ahriman
  • Gargoyle
  • Hecteyes
  • Succubus
  • Dahak
  • Atomos
  • Troubadour
  • Blackguard
  • Parthenope
  • Forgall
  • Foper
  • Ferdiad’s Fool
  • Chimera Poppet
  • Hellhound
  • Ultros
  • Typhon
  • Voidwalker

Highest voidsent[edit | edit source]

  • Cloud of Darkness
  • Scathach
  • Diabolos
    • Diabolos Hollow
  • Ferdiad
    • Ferdiad Hollow
  • Deathgaze Hollow
  • Bitoso
  • Byblos
  • Bombadeel
  • Caym
  • Pazuzu
  • Lamashtu
  • Louhi
  • Arachne
  • Sawtooth
  • Cuchulainn
  • Echidna
  • Archaeodemon
  • Demon of the Tome
  • Muud Suud
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