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This is the rift between gate and gate. It's the Void Beyond, kupo!

The Void Beyond is a location from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is a place between Time Gates, and sometimes lost time travelers end up here. The Coliseum and Serendipity are both parts of the Void Beyond, and the creature Gogmagog travels its depths, seeking a way out.

Many monsters inhabit the Void Beyond, and creatures whose natural habitat is here are known as Rift Beasts. Death does not exist in the Void Beyond, so whenever someone with a strong heart is "killed" here, the Void takes the form of a dream world built from their innermost desires, where they live forever as prisoners, unaware of their predicament.


Valhalla Analects

The Void Beyond is a chasm between the seen and unseen worlds. It is a space of shadows that are cast long and dark from Valhalla itself. Many form closed, incomplete worlds that are known as temporal rifts.

There are other kinds of places here, too, such as palaces and battle arenas molded from nothing more substantial than hopes, dreams, and passions.

—Cartesian Board
Valhalla Analects

There is no death in the Void Beyond. Souls who long to die instead live within dreams that are spun from the fabric of their deepest desires. Once trapped within these dreams, they have no means of escape.

Next time you look into a mirror, peer closely at the edge. Do you see the ghostly shimmering? That is the world of dreams, known to some as the Mirror World. It is an eternal place of wishes fulfilled and happy memories made real — yet the ghosts who inhabit it know not they are prisoners of eternity.

—Laplacian Board


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Serah enters the Void Beyond from Sunleth.

Leaving the Yaschas Massif 1X AF, Noel, Serah, and Mog arrive in a place that resembles Valhalla, but is said to be merely its shadow. Serah begins to lose hope of ever finding Lightning, but Noel reassures her they are one step closer with each Time Gate they go through.

Upon their second visit, when traveling to Academia 400 AF, Noel asks Serah about her visions of him and Lightning in her dreams. She replies that she dreamed about them the night he arrived in New Bodhum, and that she had many dreams the next day. Serah asks Noel about Yeul, a mysterious seeress they had encountered on their travels, and he says that neither of the Yeuls they met is the one he once knew in his home world of the Dying World. When Serah assumes she might be a time traveler like them and her fiancé Snow, Noel explains each Yeul is a reincarnation, and that in each generation a girl who looks the same and has the exact same power is born in the tribe of the Farseers and is named "Yeul". Serah wonders what will happen if they keep resolving the paradoxes and Noel replies it would mean a future where he will never be born, something trivial to him.

When Noel, Serah, and Mog get separated in the Historia Crux after leaving Academia 4XX AF, they emerge in the Void Beyond. Noel is stabbed in the back by Caius, who had orchestrated the trap that got the trio separated, and the two disappear from the area.

Caius impales Serah.

Serah and Mog arrive in the void, and Serah encounters several Yeuls from different time periods who tell her the area is one of many shades of Valhalla, and reveal Serah and her friends were freed from their crystal stasis by the goddess Etro on the Day of Ragnarok. Though intended as an act of benevolence, this had catastrophic side effects as chaos had seeped into the mortal realm, and corrupted the timeline by creating paradoxes. In the Throne of the Goddess, Caius easily overpowers the confused Serah and impales her, sending her to a world of dreams.

In the secret ending unlocked by collecting all the fragments, Caius sits on Etro's throne in the Void Beyond, ready to begin his new life in the world without the goddess.

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  • Walk of Time
  • Throne of the Goddess


Players with save data from Final Fantasy XIII on their console system can find Serah's Mask in a treasure box in the Walk of Time during their third visit.

Initial visit[]

Item Location Requirements
Map of the Void Beyond Throne of the Goddess None

Second visit[]

Item Location Requirements
Potent Chip x6 Throne of the Goddess None
800 gil Throne of the Goddess Moogle Hunt
'Prediction' Gate Seal Throne of the Goddess Moogle Throw
'The Calm' Gate Seal Throne of the Goddess Moogle Throw

Third visit[]

Item Location Requirements
Librascope Walk of Time None


Throne of the Goddess

Musical themes[]

The Void Beyond has its own theme, titled "Shadow of Valhalla".

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Voids are vast spaces between filaments (the largest-scale structures in the Universe), which contain very few or no galaxies. Void is also a synonym for vacuum, a space containing no matter.

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