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The Void's power.

The Void is the destructive power around which the story of Final Fantasy V revolves, and along with Exdeath, is the game's central adversary. In the narration given after defeating the game's final boss, it is told the Void existed before the world and that the Crystals that sustain the planet were born in the Void and thus created the world. From this it can be drawn that the Void is the original state of the universe from which all life was formed.

In the beginning, there was Void. Then four Spirits came. Together in this Void, the Crystals were born and the world was created. Thus, Hope gives Earth blessings, Courage lights the flame, Kindness makes water the source of life and pursuit lets wisdom ride the wind. When the day comes that Void shall again envelop the world. If within people live the four Spirits, Light shall again be born. Four Spirits, wandering through Void shall once again, give birth to light.

Narration after the final battle is won


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The Void is a destructive power of unknown origin that was used by Enuo 1000 years before the events of Final Fantasy V as a weapon of great destruction that could reduce entire countries to nothingness. Enuo was defeated by the Twelve Warriors using the Sealed Weapons and was consumed by the Void, while the Void itself was sealed inside the Interdimensional Rift, another plane of existence where numerous threats too powerful to defeat were also banished.

To lock away access to the Rift to ensuring no one could harness the Void to threaten the world, the world's Crystals were split in two, splitting the planet itself and sealing the entrance to the Rift in the space between the two worlds.

500 years later, Exdeath sought after the Void, but could not do so as long as the world was split in two. During the events of Final Fantasy V Exdeath shatters the Crystals of both worlds, weakening their elements so the world would revert to its one natural form, thus restoring access to the Interdimensional Rift. Once in the Rift, Exdeath harnesses the power of the Void, and through the Rift he uses the Void to suck lands into a nothingness.

Tycoon is Exdeath's first successful attempt to harness the Void, and almost claims Lenna, who had stayed behind when Bartz and Krile left with Boco while Faris left Tycoon early to avoid a formal party. The Library of the Ancients is erased to eliminate Exdeath's old nemesis, the sage Ghido. As Exdeath masters control over the Void, he promptly erases Walse, Istory, Moogle Village, and Lix, Bartz's hometown.

When Bartz and his friends face Exdeath in the Interdimensional Rift, he seeks to erase their friends: Castle of Bal, home of Krile and the late Galuf, Catapult, current home of Cid Previa and Mid Previa, Pirates' Hideout, home of Faris's pirates and of Boko's mate Koko. Exdeath sucks Bartz and his friends into the Void and they would have been lost, but the spirits of the Warriors of Dawn and Alexander Highwind Tycoon whisk them out.

Bartz and his friends fight Exdeath and Exdeath is sucked into the Void. He emerges as Neo Exdeath, a merging of Exdeath with the Void itself. When Neo Exdeath is defeated, the lands erased by the Void are returned to the world intact.

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Other appearances[]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

The Void appears in the background for the Field Music Sequence for "A New World", exclusive to the iOS version. It is shown floating above Tycoon Castle.

Behind the scenes[]

The Void is similar in function to the Nothing in the classic novel The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. Like the Void, the Nothing strikes entire lands and erases them from existence. The underlying mechanisms, however, are different; whereas the Void is a weapon used to destroy, the Nothing is a result of people in the real world forgetting about the stories, the lands, and the characters in the fantasy world of The Neverending Story.

A similar void also exists in Super Paper Mario.


Voids are vast spaces between filaments (the largest-scale structures in the Universe), which contain very few or no galaxies. Void is also a synonym for vacuum, a space containing no matter.