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Voice Fantasy was a party game for the iOS developed by Square Enix and Koto Laboratories and published by Square Enix. Released 1 November 2010, the game was eventually delisted from the iOS App Store on 31 May, 2016.[3]


Fighting enemies was through the use of characters generated using aural sampling: depending on the loudness and pitch of the voice sample given, different characters are generated with distinct classes, personalities, roles and levels. The battles themselves were automatic with no input required from the player.

The game itself featured four modes, with two "Vs Com" modes; "Demon King", where up to two units were sent to clear battles and eventually kill the eponymous Demon King and "The premium mode" where up to two units were sent to fight many waves of enemies in a score attack; as well as two "Fight Together" modes, where units fought each other in Solo and Tag matches.

Production credits[]

Software Developer Koto Co., Ltd.
Planning Makoto Hirashima
Sound Creator Attic Arcade, Inc.
AMK Music Co., Ltd.
Producer Shuhei Yamaguchi
Special Thanks Ryutaro Ichimura
All Square Enix Staffs


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