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Vlad is an unseen but important character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius serving as the central catalyst of the events of season two, season one and even before.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Vlad appears as a middle aged man with blond hair, and with an equally blond facial hair. He used to wear a brown cloak that covered most of his body.

Personality Edit

Vlad is treacherous and power-hungry, cruelly orchestrating the deaths of both King Varenis, the man he served, and his successor, Rubens. He uses cowardly means to secure his path to power. It is believed he would have manipulated Raegen if given the chance.

Desiring power for his own sake, Vlad wants to oppress Hess and betrayed the Sworn Eight of Paladia to rule the world unopposed. Considering his cruel, dirty-handed machinations, it is evident that Vlad is utterly ruthless, and has absolutely no concern for nobody other than himself, and will do absolutely everything to make sure he has absolute power.

Story Edit

Seizing powerEdit

Vlad was one of the aides of King Varenis, the leader of Aldore. Before his successor Rubens could ascend to the throne, Vlad had both murdered using cowardly means and crowned himself as the first Aldore Emperor. When Yuraisha learned of this, both she and her husband secured Raegen, the crown prince, and told Vlad he had died of illness to keep the then infant safe from Vlad's machinations. Yuraisha raised Raegen with Vlad never knowing that the royal blood of Aldore had survived.

Vlad ruled Aldore but his dictatorship had not taken full effect yet, although increasing pressure on the people of Hess who would eventually revolt. During a tournament to choose the strongest warriors to serve him, he witnessed Raegen defeating Ignacio for the top spot by using his signature Mirror of Equity. Vlad was marvelled by the technique and wanted to learn it, so Raegen taught him how to use it.

At some point he was escorted by his guards while travelling but were attacked by monsters. Kagane a friend of Ignacio, died in service protecting Vlad. Vlad in turn would take an interest on her for nefarious purposes.

Civil war Edit

When Hess declared their intentions of independence from Aldore, Vlad rejected it and the world of Paladia entered a war. Raegen led the Sworn Eight of Paladia, Aldore's main lieutenants, unaware he was serving the man who murdered his family.

Although Hess was initially the weaker nation, after securing the help of many Espers and capable individuals who would form Hess' Eight Sages, Aldore suffered heavy losses. Raegen tried to have peace negotiations with Yuraisha, now the Mother of Hess, but they ended in failure.

As the war grew more hostile, Raegen enacted a plan to end it by sealing the Sages into Crystal making the Sworn Eight the leveraging power in the world, forcing Aldore into the negotiating table. Vlad feared the Sworn Eight's power and growing popularity with the people and betrayed them by expelling them and a large amount of landmass and people to the world of Lapis.

Now with nobody with the ability to oppose him, Vlad was free to enact his ruthless dictatorship, with his cruel regime being succeeded by like-minded individuals spanning a foul legacy of 700 years of oppression, with most of Aldore (except Gungan) suffering under their rule.

Having foreseen that the dictatorial rule would not be free of resistance, he had set some plans in motion. Using Kagane's soul, he used a technique of soul replication, to multiply Kagane's soul and put the copies in monster bodies that whole serve as the Exostars a secret force and trump card for Emperors to use. With mild awareness, Kagane tried to resist, but it was futile as Vlad was too strong for her to defeat. Time and time again she tried but it all ended up in failure, thus Kagane was helplessly forced to become a servant for the Emperors without any way to escape her crude fate.

Having developed three variants of Mirror of Equity himself, the Obliterating, Absolute and True Mirror of Equity, he could have the Exostars, Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso to also be able to use these techniques and carrying a title after them.

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