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A young black mage from the distant world of Gaia. While attending a play in the kingdom of Alexandria, he is swept up in Zidane's plot to kidnap Princess Garnet, and before long joins in on his new companions' quest. Raised with no knowledge of the world or his own origins, he is at first timid and dependent on others, but in the course of his journey gradually gains the courage to face the truth of the past.

Vivi (3★) description

Vivi is a summonable vision and optional playable character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He serves as a character representative from Final Fantasy IX.


Vivi is a 3-6★ Rare Summon, his job is listed as Black Mage, and his role is Magic Damage. He originally could awaken only up to 4★, but received new forms for the Final Fantasy IX event Alexandria Castle (along with Garnet and Kuja). He has no innate element or status ailment resistances. His Trust Master reward is the Level 6 Black Magic spell Firaga.

His awakening materials are the following:


Vivi's stats at his highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Drop Check*(Maximum burst stone drops per hit)
3★ 40 1166 (+180) 86 (+70) 46 (+12) 49 (+12) 71 (+12) 66 (+12) 4 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
4★ 60 1504 (+270) 111 (+105) 59 (+18) 63 (+18) 92 (+18) 85 (+18) 8 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
5★ 80 1955 (+270) 144 (+105) 76 (+18) 81 (+18) 119 (+18) 110 (+18) 10 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
6★ 100 2541 (+360) 187 (+140) 98 (+24) 105 (+24) 154 (+24) 143 (+24) 12 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png


Depending on his rarity, Vivi has two (3★), three (4★) or four (5-6★) ability slots. He has affinity to Black Magic (Lvl 4-8) and Green Magic (Lvl 1-4).

Rarity 3★
Trait Lv. Learned
Fire Black Magic 1
Blizzard Black Magic 1
Thunder Black Magic 1
Water Black Magic 1
Sleep Green Magic 1
Bio Black Magic 18
Fira Black Magic 30
Blizzara Black Magic 32
Thundara Black Magic 34
Rarity 4★
Trait Lv. Learned
Gravity Black Magic 38
Drain Black Magic 43
Comet Black Magic 55
Dual Black Magic 60
Rarity 5★
Trait Lv. Learned
Focus Magic 12
Osmose Black Magic 20
Blizzaga Black Magic 37
HP +10%*(Passive) 54
MP +20%*(Passive) 63
Thundaga Black Magic 80
Rarity 6★
Trait Lv. Learned
Proof of Life*(Passive) 1
High Tide*(Passive) 22
Rod Mastery*(Passive) 48
Meteor Black Magic 68
Entrust 82
Doomsday Black Magic 100
Ability Awakening

Vivi has three traits that can be enhanced: Focus Magic, Proof of Life, and Doomsday.

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Limit Burst

Vivi's Limit Burst has two different names depending on his rarity: Magical Rampage (魔力暴走, Maryokubōsō?, lit. Magic Runaway) and Flames of Ruin (終焉の炎, Shūen no Honō?, lit. Flames of Demise). A damage-type ability, it is a 1-hit attack that deals fire-elemental magic damage to all enemies.

Its damage modifier will depend on Vivi's LB level:

Rarity Name Change in Effect Cost
3★ Magical Rampage Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (1.8x) 10 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 10) Damage dealt (2.25x)
4★ Flames of Ruin Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (2x) 12 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 15) Damage dealt (2.7x)
5★ Flames of Ruin Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (5x) 16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 20) Damage dealt (6.9x)
6★ Flames of Ruin Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (5.5x) 20 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 25) Damage dealt (7.9x)


Vivi can equip the following weapon types: daggers, staves and rods.

He can equip the following armor types: hats, clothes and robes.

He can equip accessories.