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Vivi is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. He is a Grymoirian incarnation of Vivi Ornitier originating from Final Fantasy IX. Vivi is one of the two character representatives of that game, the other being Eiko.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Kath Soucie / Ikue Otani
Age in Grymoire: Unknown
(In a way, his life has only just begun)
Notes: Black Mage / Purehearted / Grappling with his place and purpose
Finding His Identity
The twins and friends discover Vivi deep in the heart of Mako Reactor 0, the underground facility beneath Figaro Castle. In the heat of the resulting battle, he unexpectedly becomes self-aware.
In Grymoire, Vivi is the only Black Mage from the reactor to gain powers of speech.
The Key's Hidden Purpose
When the four keys were hidden, each also served as a sort of cork to bottle up the power of one of the Pleiad. Such was their magic.
The keys also served as a kind of trap, luring Mirages like flies to their honey. After being discarded, the Black Mages gravitated toward the Key of Earth, and the most powerful among them, Vivi, came to possess the key.
Was that all part of Enna Kros's grand strategy? Whatever the case, it turned out to be extremely fortunate for Lann and Reynn.
The Black Mages
Over the past hundred years, Segwarides has dabbled in a number of experiments only to cast them aside. The Black Mages were his attempt to create a sort of spell-slinging golem (with a fail-safe, of course).
So how is it one of the so-called Herald's creations came to possess the soul of a Medium? (Yes, that's right.) Perhaps Enna Kros had a few more tricks up her sleeve than anyone realized.
Friend of Figaro
Seeing as Vivi gained sentience in Edgar's domain (or under it, if you want to nitpick), the king felt it was only right to give him and his brethren a chance to find their place and purpose in Figaro.
Since then, Vivi in particular has begun to look up to Edgar, both as a leader and as an adult— Wait, is that okay?! Edgar, a role model? Well, don't panic. Vivi's heart is pure enough to guide him along his own path...probably.
Are you worried about his future? Well, all of that works differently here in Grymoire, even if it is still uncertain.
First World of Origin:



Vivi is fought as a boss in alongside five other Black Mages at the end of Chapter 15, "The Mako Reactor and the Black Mages".


The player controls Vivi as a game piece in the Sandstalker minigame. He possesses only one hit point, while Shelke and Terra have two and three, respectively.

Intervention Quests[]

The player can take on an Intervention Quests that centers around Vivi.

Vivi also appears in the following Intervention Quests.


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Vivi when talking to him in Figaro Castle.

  • I feel really lucky that I got to meet you and Edgar and everybody else.
  • The only way to prove we're alive is to live—just as much as we possibly can.
  • Is there anything I can help you with?
  • Oh, hello!
  • We won't let the people of Figaro down.



Viví is the past tense of the Spanish verb vivir, which means "to live", therefore Vivi can be translated as "I lived". Vivi is also the present tense of the Italian verb vivere, which also means "to live", therefore Vivi can be translated as "You live", or also as the imperative "Live!"; it can also mean the plural form of the adjective vivo, which means "alive". In the Voodoo religion, a Vévé is a symbol used in black magic to summon a god or spirit for various purposes.