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Visitant is a status obtained by a Conflux Surveyor in Abyssea regions in Final Fantasy XI. The visitant status is necessary in order for players to remain in Abyssea for a length of time above five minutes, and is necessary in order to speak to some residents or exit the base camp area. Players can set the length of the visitant effect by giving Traverser Stones to the Conflux Surveyor. The base rate is 30 minutes of real-life time in Abyssea for each traverser stone, though the time per stone can be enhanced with certain abyssite.

Because the adventurer is actually entering another dimension, it is necessary for them to stabilize themselves with traverser stones in order to temporarily anchor themselves to Abyssea. This is why a two-hour limit is set upon time a visitant can stay in Abyssea. Any more is dangerous, as an adventurer runs the risk of being permanently anchored to Abyssea, unable to return to their homeworld of Vana'diel.


  • Despite warnings of becoming trapped in Abyssea, it is theoretically possible, through chests in Abyssea rewarding extra time, to stay indefinitely in Abyssea. Players have spent at least ten hours at a time in Abyssea and have suffered no adverse side effects.