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Vision of Bahamut is a raid event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, in which the players must defeat Shadow Bahamut. It is a vision of the dragon king Bahamut, the King of Espers who was set free when Zoldaad's Fire Crystal was shattered. In the event, Rain and the group are traveling through the world of Lapis when they are suddenly attacked by the vision.

It has a companion challenge event, Vision of Bahamut - Trial, with a stronger version of the Shadow of Bahamut.


Once locked away in a secret location, the king of espers has awoken.

Bahamut... Its massive wings are spoken of as legends, not only because of their ability to roast enemies, but also because of the indomitable power they hold to fly freely between dimensions.

Having awakened, the dragon reborn now takes to the skies. If Bahamut is able to fully recover its power, there will be none who can stand against it.

Warriors capable of bending time and space are needed to put a stop to this beast of beasts. They must push beyond their own limits, and attack relentlessly, with reckless abandon.



Players are pitted against Shadow Bahamut, a vision of the real Bahamut. Players must use Event Orbs to defeat (or otherwise damage as much as possible) the vision in order to gain Raid Points and Bahamut Raid Coin Bahamut Raid Coins for prizes, working in conjunction with every other player in the world simultaneously to deplete its "true" HP value in order to gain rewards.

Shadow Bahamut places its greatest challenge in forcing the player in being able to survive its lethal Megaflare. This task can be achieved much easier by buffing their SPR, inflicting a MAG break in Bahamut, Guarding, or a mix of all of them. Upon surviving the initial blast signaled by "The light is converging!" and shot the turn after, Bahamut uses a barrage of elemental attacks. The trial plays out similarly but with much increased difficulty as Bahamut cannot be inflicted with breaks (except for ATK which is meaningless) and his stats are higher. However, in all iterations Shadow Bahamut has pitiful defenses, so the player should still be able to inflict significant damage.

The Global version introduced two original units for the raid, who specialize in dragon killing: Reberta and Zyrus. They were joined by Kain and Firion in the featured Rare Summon banner, and 5% Trust Moogles for their Trust Masteries were available for summoning in as Raid Summons.


As in other raids, players can check their points and ranking by clicking on the "Achievement Status" button in the raid screen. While all rewards are sent to the player's mailbox, only individual rewards can be collected as soon as the player gets enough points. Rank rewards are only distributed once the event was finished.

Individual rewards
Reward Points
Fighter 800 pts
Magician 3,500 pts
Recipe for Drakesclaw Rod 10,000 pts
Shadow Bahamut Gem x1 20,000 pts
Seething Cauldron 42,500 pts
3★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1 55,000 pts
Swelling Power 65,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 87,500 pts
Phoenix Down x1 110,000 pts
Recipe for Drakesguard Robe 132,500 pts
Shadow Bahamut Scale 155,000 pts
Fairies' Writ x5 177,500 pts
Rainbow Bloom x5 200,000 pts
3★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1 220,000 pts
Calamity Writ x5 242,000 pts
Calamity Gem x5 284,000 pts
Prismatic Horn x5 326,000 pts
Divine Crystal x5 368,000 pts
3★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1 380,000 pts
Recipe for Bahamut's Fang 410,000 pts
Shadow Bahamut Jade x1 452,000 pts
Metal Gigantuar x5 494,000 pts
3★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1 520,000 pts
King Gil Snapper x5 540,000 pts
Recipe for Dragon's Roar 586,000 pts
Shadow Bahamut Wing x1 632,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 678,000 pts
Gil Snapper Family x5 724,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 777,000 pts
3★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1 816,000 pts
King Metal Minituar x5 862,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 908,000 pts
5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x1 958,000 pts
King Tough Pot x1 1,008,000 pts
King Magi Pot x1 1,058,000 pts
King Power Pot x1 1,108,000 pts
King Shield Pot x1 1,200,000 pts
King Smart Pot x1 1,250,000 pts
King Soul Pot x1 1,300,000 pts
King Burst Pot x1 1,350,000 pts
Individual rewards
Reward Points
Guard Purecryst x1 1,400,000 pts
Healing Purecryst x1 1,450,000 pts
Green Purecryst x1 1,500,000 pts
White Purecryst x1 1,550,000 pts
Black Purecryst x1 1,600,000 pts
Power Purecryst x1 1,650,000 pts
Support Purecryst x1 1,700,000 pts
Tech Purecryst x1 1,850,000 pts

Ranking rewards
Rank Reward
1 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x4, Rare Summon Ticket x10
2 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x3, Rare Summon Ticket x9
3 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x3, Rare Summon Ticket x8
4 - 10 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x2, Rare Summon Ticket x8
11 - 50 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x2, Rare Summon Ticket x7
51 - 100 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x2, Rare Summon Ticket x6
101 - 500 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x6
501 - 1,000 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x5
1,001 - 5,000 5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x4
5,001 - 10,000 4★ Trust Moogle (5% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x4
10,001 - 30,000 4★ Trust Moogle (5% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x3
30,001 - 50,000 1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x3
50,001 - 70,000 1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x2
70,001 - 100,000 Rare Summon Ticket x1
100,001 - 150,000 Lapis x200
150,001+ Lapis x100

Raid summon[]

Raid summons were added to the Global version of the raid. Within the event period, players could summon various limited-time units and rewards by using raid coins. Each summon cost 100 FFBE Bahamut Raid Coin.png. A batch summon up to 50/100 (Rerun) summons at once cost 5000/10000 (Rerun) FFBE Bahamut Raid Coin.png.

  • Metal Gigantuar
  • Gil Snapper Family
  • King Metal Minituar
  • Mini Burst Pot
  • Megacites (all types)
  • Heavicrysts (all types)


Recipes and crafting materials will come from both the individual rewards and from raid summoning. Players can only craft one (or two if present for the original run and the rerun) of each, due to the limited materials obtained as completion rewards.

Item Type Requirements
Drakesclaw Rod Rod Shadow Bahamut Gem x1, Shadow Bahamut Ore x40, Shadow Bahamut Fang x40, Shadow Bahamut Heart x50, 5,000 gil
Drakesguard Robe Robe Shadow Bahamut Scale x1, Shadow Bahamut Ore x40, Shadow Bahamut Fang x50, Shadow Bahamut Heart x50, 30,000 gil
Bahamut's Fang Spear Shadow Bahamut Jade x1, Shadow Bahamut Ore x70, Shadow Bahamut Fang x60, Shadow Bahamut Heart x70, 120,000 gil
Dragon's Roar Gun Shadow Bahamut Wing x1, Shadow Bahamut Ore x80, Shadow Bahamut Fang x70, Shadow Bahamut Heart x80, 250,000 gil




  • The event uses a similar battle background to that of the tutorial at the beginning of the game.