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Vishnu Vest in Final Fantasy Record Keeper [FFVI].

Vest resistant to fire, ice, and lightning.

Final Fantasy V description

The Vishnu Vest (ヴィシュヌベスト, Vishunu Besuto?) is a recurring armor in the series. It is usually one of the best pieces of light equipment.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Vest resistant against all attributes.


The Vishnu's Vest is a piece of clothing exclusive to Edward found in the Lunar Ruins bonus dungeon. It increases Defense by 30, Evasion by 40, Magic Defense by 15, Magic Evasion by 6, Strength, Agility, and Stamina by 10, and halves elemental damage from most elements. This armor is metallic.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Vishnu Vest is a dummied out armor, only accessible via hacking. It would have provided 35 Defense, 15 Magic Defense, +10 Strength, Speed, and Stamina, +40% Evasion, and +6% Magic Evasion, and would have been used by Edward.

Final Fantasy V[]

The Vishnu's Vest can be found in the Titan's Grotto, located in the Advance-exclusive Sealed Temple. It is the strongest piece of clothing and can be equipped by Freelancers, Knights, Monks, Thieves, Dragoons, Ninjas, Samurais, Berserkers, Beastmasters, Mystic Knights, Black Mages, Red Mages, Rangers, Chemists, Dancers, Mimes, Cannoneers, and Gladiators. It increases Defense by 20, Magic Defense by 8, and halves Fire, Ice, and Lightning-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Vishnu's Vest must be synthesized and can be worn by any race. It can be equipped by any job except White Mage, Black Mage, or Summoner. It increases Defense by 47, Vitality and Strength by 4, and Accuracy and Evasion by 5.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Vishnu Vest provides 23 Defense, 13 Evade and 8 Magic Defense. Vests can be equipped by Jobless, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, Bard, Memorist, Ranger, Dancer, and Ninja jobs. It is dropped by Slagworm and bought for 18900g from Moogle Cave and Castle Lux (The Void).

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

The Vishnu Vest is a level 92 light armor, which increases HP by 2,549. It can be obtained from the shop trading 22,180 gil, a Mirage Vest, Eden's Scale x5, and Crimson Crystal x3.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Vishnu Vest is a level 90 light armor that provides +2,610 HP and +40% Wall Rush Bravery Damage. It can be obtained by trading 118,500 gil, Mirage Vest, Tiamat Carapace, and Flash's Hope x5.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A vest once worn by a bard from a faraway world. It is very useful in that it increases the wearer's resistance to various elemental attacks. There is record of a certain young bard in a faraway world equipping this vest, which he obtained from ancient ruins on the moon.


Vishnu Vest is a Clothes obtained as Edward's Trust Master. It provides 36 DEF, 36 SPR, MP +15%, and 25% resistance to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Light, and Dark elements.



Vishnu (Sanskrit: विष्णु, Viṣṇu) is a popular Hindu god, venerated as the Supreme Being in the Vaishnava sect. He is also known as the god of protection and preservation, linking the armor's high class of defense to his blessing.