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Viper is a beast/serpent-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Ozmone Plain. Vipers pop up out of the ground when approached. They yield the Serpent Rod as a rare drop.

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Being a strain of serpent, its body covered in leaden scales, and its mouth replete with razor-sharp fangs. Favoring small animals and their eggs, it secretes a deadly venom from its fangs which swiftly subdues its prey. Its midriff is divided in twain, each side containing a stomach with strong digestive juices, connected to a long intestinal tract running down the tail. Their slender forms seem to suggest that they seldom eat, but this is far from the truth, their unique digestive biology giving them a famously voracious appetite.

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The Viperidae (vipers) are a family of venomous snakes found all over the world that have relatively long, hinged fangs that permit deep penetration and injection of venom.

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