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Greetings, I am Vinzer Deling, lifelong president of Galbadia. Today, I stand before you to make the following proposition. We the people of this world have the power to end all wars.

President Vinzer Deling

Vinzer Deling, more formally known as the Deling President (デリング大統領, Deringu Daitōryō?) is a non-playable character and minor antagonist in Final Fantasy VIII. As president of Galbadia and a historic figure, Vinzer Deling's term extended through the Sorceress War. He resides in the Galbadia's capital, Deling City, which is presumably named after him. He employs body doubles in response to security threats.



Vinzer Deling is a middle-aged man with grayish hair and a receding hairline. He wears a formal black suit, a white shirt and a blue tie.


Vinzer Deling is a power-hungry man who wants to rule the world. Though Galbadia now governs most of the western continent, Deling still wants to expand his domain. He seemingly enjoys being a public figure, wanting to address the world personally in a rare televised broadcast. Rumors of his bad temper precede him, and some of the Galbadian soldiers fear being frivolously demoted if everything does not go perfectly in the president's presence.


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Vinzer Deling, an ambitious man obsessed with power, made his way through the ranks of the Galbadian government to the office of president. At the time, Galbadia was relatively small and not known for its strength. It is unclear at what point in history Deling assumed the seat of power. The Anarchist Monthly magazine clippings found in the Forest Owls' Base claim Deling became president after the second Sorceress War, and to gain support quickly, carried out the invasion of Timber. However, this is the only point in Final Fantasy VIII where it is mentioned that there would have been more than one Sorceress War; all the other sources use the term Sorceress War to refer to the war between Galbadia and Esthar, which took place while Vinzer Deling was already president.

The Sorceress War against Esthar lasted a number of years, and Esthar's side was led by the tyrannical Sorceress Adel. With ranks of soldiers and technology at his disposal, Deling set his sights on the myriad of independent nations surrounding Galbadia and ordered them conquered, starting with the bustling country of Timber.

During the Galbadian siege, Timber's citizens mounted a resistance movement, led by the fathers of Zone and Watts. Once the country had been conquered, Deling took it upon himself to execute both of them, right in front of their children. The atrocity fueled Timber's hatred for Galbadia and its president, and inspired them to keep the resistance movement alive despite Galbadian occupation. Over a decade later, resistance groups, such as the Forest Fox and the Forest Owls, still work to liberate Timber from Deling's rule.

The casualties of the Sorceress War left children orphaned, and many unprotected towns were raided. Deling's military buildup allowed Galbadia to put up a good fight. Esthar was unprepared for the mounting resistance, and Adel prepared to unleash Esthar's secret weapon, the Lunatic Pandora, on the upstart country. Before she could use it, Adel was deposed by former Galbadian soldier Laguna Loire, who led a resistance movement against her. With Esthar cutting itself off from outsiders, Galbadia became the world's undisputed superpower—with President Deling at the helm.

Galbadia's (although indirect) victory over Esthar solidified Deling's position within his nation. Deling used his newfound popularity to transform his democratic presidency into an authoritarian dictatorship.

Seventeen years after the end of the Sorceress War, Deling still rules Galbadia and pursues territorial conquest. Winhill has come under Galbadian jurisdiction and Deling shifts his focus to the Dukedom of Dollet. Galbadia's Siege of Dollet is opposed by the Dukedom's forces working in tandem with SeeDs and cadets from Balamb Garden. Deling's military secures Dollet's satellite dish and transmission tower.

While Deling is enjoying his domination of the Galbadian continent, another power is quietly gaining strength—that of Sorceress Edea, who is actually possessed by Sorceress Ultimecia from the future. Edea/Ultimecia has plans for world domination, and rather than directly attack individual nations, she uses a subtler approach by befriending President Deling. Enchanted by the sorceress and possibly envious of her powers, Deling agrees to install her as Galbadia's foreign ambassador. Blinded by his own ambition, Deling fails to see the threat she poses and intends to use her as a thinly-veiled menace, a tool for intimidating Galbadia's targets and forcing them into submission without having to fire a shot.

Deling, now in command of the continent's only telecast system, travels to Timber to broadcast a message through the nation's TV station. He announces his alliance with the sorceress, but before he can finish, he is attacked by Balamb Garden renegade Seifer Almasy, who is coerced into releasing the president by Edea/Ultimecia and taken away. To save face, the Galbadian government announces that Seifer has been executed, but in reality, he has been recruited by Edea/Ultimecia to be her knight. Deling informs Balamb Garden that it will not be held responsible for the attempted abduction.

Deling seconds before his execution at Edea's hands.

Some Galbadians are wary of Deling's decision to ally himself and Galbadia with a sorceress. Among the most notable opposers are General Caraway, head of the Galbadian military; Martine, the headmaster of Galbadia Garden, who knows the sorceress has an eye on his Garden; and Cid Kramer, the headmaster of Balamb Garden, who also wishes to remove the sorceress from power, albeit for a different reason. The three hatch a plot to assassinate the sorceress during her induction ceremony with the help of SeeD.

Before the assassination attempt takes place, Edea/Ultimecia uses her acceptance speech as a means to seize control of the government, and murders Deling by impaling him with her hand. No one seems to react to Deling's death or retaliate against her for it. The Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania reveals Edea/Ultimecia has enchanted the surrounding crowds with a spell.[1]

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Although not a combatant himself, Vinzer does employ body doubles in response to security threats. One such threat was the possibility of being captured during a train trip through Timber territory, where he was replaced with a shape-shifting Gerogero.