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Vincent S. Court (ヴィンセント・S・コート, Vinsento S. Kōto?) is a non-playable character in Bravely Default. He is Victor S. Court's father.

Story[edit | edit source]

Years before the events of Bravely Default, Vincent was one of the members of Braev Lee's army the day they conquered Eternia. Vincent learned of the means of using energy from a crystal to intensify magic. However, there were two methods: White Magic Extraction and the taboo Alchemic Genesis. Vincent, against the wishes of his son and Braev, used the Alchemic Genesis method to save the life of Victoria F. Stein. However, this act would prove to be his undoing when Victoria murdered him during a moment of clarity.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Vincent is a Latin name meaning "victorious" or "conquering one".

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