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Once the war was over, people couldn't live near the rim anymore. In places like the Hanging Edge. So the fal'Cie, they gathered up scrap from Pulse, and used it for rebuilding here. This is what was left: a bunch of garbage.

Hope, FInal Fantasy XIII

The Vile Peaks is one of Cocoon's lowland areas. It is an abandoned zone filled with the castoffs of materials lifted from Gran Pulse.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 online description

The Vile Peaks is a location in Final Fantasy XIII and an optional location in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is a range of mountainous peaks in Cocoon formed mostly of scrap metal. After the War of Transgression, supplies were raided from Gran Pulse to repair the damage Cocoon had sustained. The junk was dumped at the Vile Peaks, and thus the junk-filled terrain contains dilapidated Pulsian machines who continually fight the lingering Cocoon robots.

The Vile Peaks is an unrevisitable location in Final Fantasy XIII and comprises the fourth chapter. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, visiting Vile Peaks is optional, and it is unlocked in the Historia Crux by using wild artefacts on the gates leading to Vile Peaks 010 AF (via Academia 4XX AF) and 200 AF (via Archylte Steppe).


The Vile Peaks are built of debris—the castoffs of material originally lifted up from Pulse by the fal'Cie and used in the construction of Cocoon and later additions of landmass. These towering piles of refuse now serve as lairs for all manner of beasts, including lowerworld mechanical horrors that, intentionally or not, hitched a ride with what became the building blocks of Cocoon. The Sanctum military endeavors to clear out the dangerous inhabitants of the peaks, but some say they leave the job half done to discourage civilians from entering the lowlands.


Travel Guide: Vile Peaks
Area Information

Located in Cocoon, Vile Peaks is a massive dumping ground of waste and refuse. When the fal'Cie built Cocoon, and during later modifications, large quantities of material were lifted up from the surface of Gran Pulse.

The unused surplus was discarded here, and now it is infested with roaming war machines of ancient Pulse.

From the Editor's Desk:

Forget about sightseeing. Not even the military is allowed full access. That said, there are a few brave collectors of retro war weapons and relics who sneak in here to scavenge for parts...


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

Lightning tells the others her new plan.

The newly branded l'Cie arrive at the Vile Peaks after crashlanding the airship they boarded at Lake Bresha. After Lightning gets fed up with the others over their lack of stamina, the party splits, with Lightning and Hope separating from Sazh and Vanille. Lightning explains to Hope why she volunteered to join the Purge, but soon leaves him. Sazh and Vanille find Hope and regroup with Lightning. After a fight with a Dreadnought the party tries to discern their Focus.

Lightning feels that instead of completing their Focus, they should travel to Eden, Cocoon's capital, to destroy its patron fal'Cie. After a disagreement, Lightning and Hope split from Sazh and Vanille, this time permanently, as a PSICOM attack prevents them from regrouping.

Odin attacks Lightning and Hope.

On their way out Lightning and Hope find another Dreadnought, and Hope rides it, powering through ranks of enemies. Lightning summons Odin out of anger for having to "babysit" Hope and after the two defeat the Eidolon, Hope vows to become stronger, and Lightning lets him stay with her.

Sazh and Vanille make their way through a trash repository, reactivating its power. With no plan in sight apart from escaping PSICOM, they settle to sleep on the ground for the night.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

10 AF. A large-scale distortion was observed in the Vile Peaks, a land filled with ancient debris. The Academy dispatched Blitz Squadron, an investigative unit, to check the area. The elite Academy force armed themselves with anti-paradox weapons. Their mission was simple: to find out just what was causing this spatial distortion. However, the airship carrying the crew disappeared within the clouds looming over the Vile Peaks. That day, six elite soldiers vanished without a trace. And it was my fault. I was responsible.

Lightning shoulders the blame for the fate of Blitz Squadron

Serah meets a survivor from the Blitz Squadron.

Lightning blames herself for creating the paradox that caused the Academy anti-paradox team, the Blitz Squadron, to get lost in time while scouting the area in 10 AF to deal with a distortion. She appears in the area at 10 AF, just before Serah, Mog, and Noel engage the paradox, a dark imitation of Odin called Twilight Odin.

In 200 AF, after they defeat Twilight Odin's true form, Lightning is released from the burden of Odin's shadow twin. She recalls fighting alongside the men in Blitz Squadron and finds comfort in how they still remember her. As Lightning watches Noel and Serah from afar, she tells her, "So, Serah. If you keep me in your thoughts, one day, I am certain I will find my way home again," to which Serah answers that she will.

Serah and Noel meet an illusion of Lightning.

Serah, Mog, and Noel meet Sazh seemingly caught in a paradox who tells them he is gambling for the thing most dear to him in a mysterious place. Later, when Mog reveals a phased-out image of Lightning, she tells Serah and Noel about how as a l'Cie, she first thought fighting for what she believed in alone was the only way but was proven wrong by realizing she wasn't alone since the others were burdened with the same fate. Now all by herself in Valhalla, Lightning holds on to the memories of Serah and her friends to stay strong in her battle against Caius Ballad. She tells Serah that she misses her and prays for the day when they can be together again, and disappears.

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The area is largely untouched in Final Fantasy XIII-2, although had been reduced in size to the beginning state from Chapter Four of Final Fantasy XIII where the travel limits to circling around the area. The mechanical engines are absent, also disabling travel to the upper parts of the Peaks.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

  • Dismal Dunescape
  • Wrack and Ruin
  • Another Man's Treasure
  • Munitions Necropolis
  • Devastated Dreams
  • Mounds of Naught
  • Scavenger's Trail
  • Scrap Processing

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

  • Another Man's Treasure
  • Dismal Dunescape
  • Wrack and Ruin



Final Fantasy XIII[]

Piloting an armament[]

Hope controlling a Dreadnought.

The Vile Peaks contains the only instance of the player controlling a mounted character other than a chocobo. The enemies that attempt to prevent the player's passage are white Pulsework Soldiers, a regular enemy in the Vile Peaks. However, they cannot be fought in any way, since the player is mounted while they appear. While controlling the machine at a certain edge, it allows the player to look up to Eden in the sky.


Final Fantasy XIII[]

Item Location
Librascope Wrack and Ruin
Black Belt Another Man's Treasure
Ninurta Another Man's Treasure
Metal Armguard Munitions Necropolis
Phoenix Down Munitions Necropolis
Librascope Devastated Dreams
Ember Ring Devastated Dreams
Fiber-optic Cable x3 Scavenger's Trail
Librascope Scavenger's Trail
see Pulse Armament Treasures Scavenger's Trail
see Pulse Armament Treasures Scavenger's Trail
Electrolytic Capacitor x2 Scavenger's Trail
Spark Ring Scavenger's Trail
Phoenix Down Scavenger's Trail
Phoenix Down Scrap Processing
Auric Amulet Scrap Processing
Ember Ring Scrap Processing
Phoenix Down Scrap Processing
Iron Shell x8 Scrap Processing
Vibrant Ooze x6 Scrap Processing
Fortisol Scrap Processing
300 gil Scrap Processing

Pulse Armament Treasures[]

During the trek through the Scavenger's Trail, Hope takes control of a Pulse armament to clear out a path of Pulsework Soldiers. There are 43 in total, split in several groups. At the end of the minigame, two treasure spheres will appear, whose contents depend on how many Pulsework Soldiers were defeated in total and how many were defeated with the sweep attack.

Item Total kills
Sturdy Bone x10 0-24
Thickened Hide x20 25-34
Spark Ring 35+
Item Sweep kills
100 gil 0-24
300 gil 25-39
999 gil 40+

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

10 AF[]

Item Location Requirements
Mana Orb x8 Wrack and Ruin None
Royal Armlet Wrack and Ruin None
Entite Ring Wrack and Ruin None
Saint's Armlet Wrack and Ruin None
Hero's Armlet Wrack and Ruin Moogle Hunt
Zealot's Amulet Wrack and Ruin Moogle Throw
Platinum Casino Ticket Wrack and Ruin Moogle Hunt
Platinum Casino Ticket Wrack and Ruin None

200 AF[]

Item Location Requirements
Phoenix Down Another Man's Treasure None
Vitality Bolt x8 Another Man's Treasure Moogle Hunt
Unicorn Horn Dismal Dunescape Advanced Moogle Hunt


Final Fantasy XIII[]

Dismal Dunescape
Another Man's Treasure
Munitions Necropolis
Devastated Dreams
Mounds of Naught
Scrap Processing

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Musical themes[]

The Vile Peaks' eponymous theme plays as a background theme in Final Fantasy XIII with "Sazh's Theme" playing in the Scrap Processing zone. The Vile Peaks theme reappears in Final Fantasy XIII-2 being played in the Archylte Steppe during cloudy weather. At 200 AF, "Blinded By Light" serves as the background theme. A number of other themes are used in this area at various points in Final Fantasy XIII-2 depending on the completion of certain story events, such as "PSICOM" and "Lightning's Theme".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Vile Peaks 1[]

FFRK The Vile Peaks 1 FFXIII.png

Though Lightning and her companions managed to escape aboard an airship, their victory is short-lived, as PSICOM shoots them down over the Vile Peaks. Undaunted, Lightning and her companions press on...


The Vile Peaks 2[]

FFRK The Vile Peaks 2 FFXIII.png

As Lightning and Hope move forward, Lightning grows increasingly convinced that Hope is only slowing her down, and in her anger she summons Odin...


Behind the scenes[]

The areas in Final Fantasy XIII where Dreadnought is battled, where the party permanently splits up, where Lightning and Hope camp out, and where Vanille and Sazh camp out, are only seen in cutscenes, but can be made playable via hacks. The camp sites even have areas that do not appear in cutscenes; Vanille and Sazh's camp site is near a large lake.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Vile Peaks are, in contrast to the other visitable locations on Cocoon, the very same place as visited in Final Fantasy XIII. However, only a small part of the area is explorable. It is the only location which is not required to visit to complete the game. In Final Fantasy XIII, Hope climbs over scrap to catch up with Lightning making it collapse into the water, taking the bridge with it. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 the bridge is still there in one of the time periods. The bridge may therefore be a minor paradox.


Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2 10 AF
Final Fantasy XIII-2 200 AF


The word "vile' has come to be synonymous with "disgusting" and "unpleasant", however, the word originates from the Latin vilis which translates as "of little worth" or "of low value".