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Vile Island

Vile Island is a location west of Outer Continent.

Vile Island is a location in Final Fantasy IX. It is the island on the westernmost end of the Outer Continent, accessed on flying transport: airship or a flying Choco. It hosts the game's toughest random encounters: the monstrous sheep enemy Yan. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell in Final Fantasy VIII as a potential level grinding spot.

The only normal enemies on the Vile Island are Yan (Ragtime Mouse may appear in the forests), and the Friendly Yan may appear as part of the friendly monsters sidequest. The Friendly Yan has the potential to be a superboss encounter if the player opts to challenge it rather than appease it (this does not lock the player out of completing the friendly monsters quest). As part of the Chocobo Hot and Cold sidequest, the player can find a Holy Miter and a Dark Matter Card on this island from the Fairy Island Chocograph ChocographLoc23.


A good way to level-grind here is to bring Zidane with Masamune and then use Soul Blade on the Yan. To stop the Yan from counterattacking, Quina can use Night first as long as the player party have Insomniac. Repeatedly defeating the Friendly Yan can be used to AP-grind, but it is a tough foe to take on.

Though the below list has encounters since disc 1, the island is only accessed on a flying transport, which become available in disc 3. Unlike most world map areas, Vile Island does not get new enemy encounters in the endgame.

Enemies Frequency AP
Dirt Disc 1–4:
Yan 30% 2
Yan x2 35% 3
Yan x3 35% 4
Forest Disc 1–4: (After Friendly)
Yan 22.5% (30%) 2
Yan x2 26.25% (35%) 3
Yan x3 26.25% (35%) 4
Friendly Yan 25% (0%) 50