Vigilance in Final Fantasy XIII.

Boost target's odds of interrupting actions and avoiding interruption of own.

Final Fantasy XIII description

Vigilance (ガッツ, Gattsu?, lit. Guts) is a recurring ability in the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga that bestows the status enhancement of the same name.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XIII[edit | edit source]


Vigilance is a Synergist ability that increases the chance of interrupting the opponent's action when attacking and lowers the chances of interruption from the opponent for 90 seconds. It has an ATB cost of 2. It can be learned by Sazh (Crystarium Stage 2), Snow (Stage 7), Vanille (Stage 1), and Lightning (Stage 10).

It is also an enemy ability used by Cid Raines and Mushussu.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[edit | edit source]

Vigilance is a Synergist ability that decreases the target's odds of being interrupted and decreases wound damage taken. It has an ATB cost of 2 and a duration of 180.

It can be learned by Serah (role level 30), Noel (role level 11), Clione (level 4), Fachan (level 10), Gahongas (level 13), Leyak (level 5), Nanochu (level 17), Sahagin Prince (level 15), Sazh (level 2), Thexteron (level 3), Yakshini (level 45), Microchu (level 1), and Purple Chocobo (level 1).

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