The viera may begin as part of the Wood, but the Wood is not the only end that we may choose.


Viera is a race in the Final Fantasy series, mainly in Ivalice. They first appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. All viera that have appeared in the franchise have been female, although male viera do exist.[1]


The viera have leporine features, pointed feet, long ears and limbs. They generally wear stilettos, due to the shape of their feet. Their trademark long ears grant them exceptionally good hearing, although they are said to have excellent senses overall.

The viera are sensitive to Mist–if they are exposed to high concentrations of it, they will enter a berserk state referred to as a Mist frenzy. When experiencing a Mist frenzy, a viera can tear apart metal shackles and kill armored humes while unarmed.

Viera Archer in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Not only do the viera's ears allow them to hear over great distances, they also allow them to listen to the voice of the Green Word. They can put this ability to great use, either to communicate with the world around them, or to summon monsters from other worlds. Furthermore, the viera have approximately three times the lifespan of humes.

All viera have white hair, but some dye theirs to other colors if they live among the humes[2]; brunette viera (RandomViera.jpg) are spotted in Rabanastre during Ashe and Rasler's wedding. Viera have dark skin, and their ears are covered in short fur and are usually mottled with brown specks at the tips. Another sub-branch, called the feol viera (or the Exiled), exists in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. They are different from the other viera physically, having shorter ears, fair skin and blonde hair. They have two distinct clans, the Veena which have lighter fur and the Rava which have darker fur and hair colors.

Final Fantasy XIV gives exposition to the elusive male viera, who are virtually identical at birth to females; only upon maturing they are able to be identified gender wise. Male viera return to the village to collect the male children who reach puberty to teach them the ways of the hunt. They live alone, serving as solo defenders of the forest from intruders and evil, and only communicate with the females when needing to mate, trade or collect the male adolescents. The male viera are secretive, vicious, skilled hunters and are so well adapted to living in viera forests no one aside from female viera has ever seen one.


Final Fantasy XII

Veena viera.

Rava viera.

The viera live deep within wooded area, earning them the call "People of the Wood." They have excellent senses, and their hair is usually white. Males and females live separately, only making contact and communication when the need arises.[1] Viera have superb eyesight and their sense of hearing allows them to hear even the slightest sound, which comes in handy if they are being hunted themselves.

It is said that the Viera's superb hearing allows them to sense changes in the weather and the movement of all living things in the woods they inhabit. Their lifespan is roughly three times that of humes. They grow much like Humes as children, but upon reaching adulthood the viera retain their appearance until old age.[3] All viera, with the exception of Fran, are weak to Earth.

Viera communities have two jobs the viera can take: Salve-Maker and Wood-Warder. Those who wish to become Salve-Makers must complete the rite of passage of catching the Vorpal Bunny, which appears every seven years. Its tail is used to create Vision Dust, which keeps Eruyt Village hidden from outsiders. However, not all villagers are required to take a job.

Having lost their ancient homelands to war over 450 years ago, some viera began to question their way of life and went off to live among the humes. This is against their law, referred to as the "Green Word," which forbids contact with the outside world. According to Jote, Fran's sister and the leader of the viera who remain in Eruyt Village, once a viera breaks this law, they are considered viera no more and are regarded as outcasts. The viera of Eruyt Village can communicate with the Golmore Jungle, referred to as the "Wood"; an outcast's senses become dimmed, and they become unable to do this. Whether a viera can regain the ability to communicate with the Wood is unknown.

Notable viera:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Mydia is a feol viera.

"Feol Viera" (フォル・ヴィエラ, Foru Viera?), a sub-branch of the viera, have blonde hair and shorter ears than the other viera. Feol are the descendants of the aegyl leader Feolthanos who fell in love with a full-blooded viera, giving birth to the race that carries his name. Fran states this variety of viera are often called "the Exiled" as they are seen as abominations by their full-blooded kin. The feol have the longest lifespan among the viera. Fran also states their particular kind didn't obey the rules of the Green Word, which was to stay within the forest villages they were born in, so Feolthanos's wife was looked down upon as well as her descendants.

Feolthanos didn't want to part with them completely, but as they have no wings, the feol couldn't join him in Lemurés. Feolthanos left the airship Galbana containing a piece of his anima and a book to his family in the hopes that one day they would use them to come to him on Lemurés.

The feol Mydia used the Galbana to journey to Feolthanos, but was corrupted by his evil power. When she returns to Ivalice as the Judge of Wings, she slaughters her own race at the Roda Volcano to prevent them from being used by Feolthanos like she had been.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Viera Render.png

The viera are a playable race for the Shadowbringers expansion. Their starter gear is based on Fran's outfit from Final Fantasy XII.

In the A Requiem for Heroes patch, the game's version of Fran appears as a non-playable character as part of Return to Ivalice storyline. According to the Encyclopedia Eorzea II, the viera made up five percent of the late Kingdom of Dalmasca's population.

The viera refer to aether as Mist, as demonstrated by Fran at Orbonne Monastery.

In the alternate world The First, the Viera are called Viis.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


The viera's light frame make them best suited to jobs that involve speed, like Archer and Assassin, even though they are skilled in many other jobs as well. Due to their ability to communicate with the spirit world they're the only race that can use the Summoner and the Elementalist jobs.

The viera mostly reside in the town of Muscadet deep in the woods, although they are also seen working in clans everywhere. They have naturally white hair, which is considered the most beautiful color by the viera and is therefore a blessing.[4] Enemy viera sprites also sport green and purple-tinted hair, although this may simply be a result of game mechanics created to help differentiate ally sprites from opponents more easily.

The Totema of the viera is Exodus. It takes the shape of a giant tree, reflecting the viera's connections to nature.

Shara is the only notable viera, with her human partner, Ritz Malheur, being able to access the viera jobs and equipment.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift


Often called the People of the Wood, the viera are a lithe and swift race. Like humes, they can fill a great variety of roles on the battlefield.


The viera have access to ten jobs, with two new jobs introduced; Spellblade and Green Mage.

Penelo, even though she's a Hume, has access to all viera jobs and is considered as one.

If one accesses the cheat code that enables a viera character to equip multiple weapons regardless of job types, they can attack twice like the Dual Wield support ability. This only works the same like the Hume Dual Wield effects. Unusually, viera that equip two bows/greatbows at a time may attack twice; this is not similar to the Dual Wield ability, but the Sniper's Doubleshot A-ability. The Assassins, the viera job that can equip both the katana and greatbows, however equipping both at the same time will cause the game to glitch or to freeze.

When using Penelo who can access viera jobs, if she is to use her Dancer job, the player should only use the cheat if she wears multiple knives, swords, staves, rods, and the like which Humes can equip that correspond with the Dual Wield ability.

Notable viera

Viera can be obtained in these locations during Ashleaf or Mistleaf:

Final Fantasy Tactics S

The viera make an appearance as one of the playable races. Viera retain all of the jobs introduced for them in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift although the Summoner job remains unavailable. New jobs were introduced for the viera race, of which include the Dancer and the Onion Knight jobs. Special viera units were also introduced, possessing a viera job while maintaining a unique appearance.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Viera are mentioned in the daily Mognet. Regarding the situation after receiving a mail about Penelo being kidnapped, if the player replies and says they like viera, this mail will be sent the next day.

Vieras Are Hot, Kupo

So, {player's name}...
You have a thing for vieras do ya, kupo? They kinda scare me cuz my eyes could never look into theirs, but they sure are a sight to see, kupopo! Um... where were we, kupo?


Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances

Puzzle & Dragons

Viera appeared as part of the Crystal Defenders collaboration.

Behind the scenes

Talking to traveling viera as Fran.

n Final Fantasy XII, the player can speak with 31 viera total throughout the game. If spoken to with Fran as the party leader (only possible when outside of town areas), they give different dialogue.

Since the Japanese script for Final Fantasy XII lacked specific accents, the localizers had to derive them from the Ivalician mannerisms and culture as such viera were chosen to have Icelandic accents.[5]



Viera is a word in Slovakian language meaning "faith". It also appears in other Slavic languages with small changes in spelling or pronunciation, and is often used as a feminine name. Viera is also an Italian word meaning "ring", and is used as a surname particularly in Northern Italy.


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