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Vidofnir is a dragon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. She is one of the children of Hraesvelgr, and presides over Anyx Trine in the Dravanian Forelands.



Vidofnir appears as a pale white dragon with red eyes. While morphologically similar to standard dragons seen in Eorzea, her most notable feature are the two large horns on her head and her deep-sounding voice.


Due to her father's reclusive nature, she often speaks for his brood. She is willing to be friendly and magnaminous towards mankind, though initially was wary of Estinien's presence due to his role as Azure Dragoon.


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Vidofnir is first met when Ysayle beseeches permission for her and the Adventurer to climb Sohm Al to meet with Hraesvelgr. Vidofnir is wary at first due to Estinien's presence, but refrains from coming to blows because her father ordered her to prevent discord. Vidofnir explains that entry cannot be permitted, as she and her kin are forced to fend off the Gnath, who are rallied to war by their primal Ravana. She expresses incredulity when the Warrior of Light volunteers to combat the Gnathic god. Once the Warrior of Light succeeds in defeating Ravana and assures to not threaten the dragons, Vidofnir permits access to the peak of Sohm Al; she warns the Adventurer and companions that Nidhogg's brood will likely not take kindly to the intrusion.

As Goes Light, So Goes DarknessEdit

Vidofnir is later visited by Lucia during the events of As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness, bemused over both an Ishgardian soldier seeking words and an offer by Ser Aymeric de Borel to start mending the centuries of strife between man and dragon. But Vidofnir explains that the resurgence of Ravana requires her to initially decline Lucia's request to meet with Aymeric, only accepting after Ravana's defeat by the Warriors of Darkness and upon advisement by Hraesvelgr. Her arrival at the Holy See occurs in the most fortuitous timing: saving a girl who was thrown from atop the Vault by a priest of the True Brotherhood of the Faith with many onlookers witnessed to the event. Meeting with Aymeric in front of the crowd, Vidofnir relays Hraesvelgr's message that Nidhogg and his brood have moved elsewhere and prepare for war before she flies off.

The Gears of ChangeEdit

To mend the rifts between dragon and man, Ser Aymeric hopes to hold a peace conference in Falcon's Nest, with Vidofnir representing Hresvelgr's brood. Though initially met with setbacks, the plan eventually goes ahead, with Vidofnir landing on a scaffolding constructed for her to speak with the Lord Commander. Following a speech he made for the attending Ishgardians, Aymeric unveils a sculpture of Saint Shiva and Hresvelgr as a gesture to inspire a peaceful future.

XIV Vidofnir Impaled

Nidhogg attacks Vidofnir

The civil mood would not last. In the form of the possessed Azure Dragoon, Nidhogg impaled Vidofnir and angrily denounced her trying to make peace with the sons of Thordan. The wound was not fatal - he intended it as a warning message - and Vidofnir returns to Anyx Trine to recover.

Revenge of the HordeEdit

Aymeric seeks out Hresvelgr for help, knowing Ishgard will need as many allies as it can get to defend against Nidhogg's final chorus. When Hresvelgr relents enough to let Aymeric, Alphinaud, and the Warrior of Light prove their worth at Sohr Khai, Vidofnir personally challenges Alphinaud. Once all three pass the trial, Alphinaud rides on Vidofnir to the Steps of Faith for the final showdown.

If spoken to after the defeat of Nidhogg, she will mention that while a new age of peace has begun, she ultimately cannot find joy in his passing, as he was one of the First Brood from ancient times, the third to be lost after Bahamut and Ratatoskr.

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According to Fjölsvinnsmál, Víðópnir or Víðófnir is a rooster that sits at the top of Mímameiðr, a tree often taken to be identical with the World Tree Yggdrasil. The name does not otherwise occur in the medieval sources.