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Victory Monument Hill.

The ancient battlefield that was the site of the Great War between the Lilties and Yukes a thousand years ago. There is a monument here that honors the Lily Hero who rode through the advancing Yuke army alone and destroyed the Yuke Crystal.

In-game description

Victory Monument Hill (終戦記念日の丘, Shūsen Kinenbi no Oka?) is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

The hill was the site of a long-ago battle between the Lilties and Yukes. On the hill stood a large statue in celebration of the Lilty hero who succeeded in destroying the Yuke Crystal, thus ending the war, and in effect destroying the Crystal Principle and banishing the Yukes from the world.

At the beginning of the game, Layle, in an attempt to land the Alexis II, crashes right through the Victory Monument, destroying the statue and much of the surrounding architecture. By the time Layle reaches the monument on foot, restoration work has begun, but a few people have been trapped by rubble, creating a minigame in which the player must free nine NPCs in a time limit.

Monsters on Victory Monument Hill include Bombs, Shadow Beasts, and Bloodbones.

Victory Monument Hill is south of Cherry Checkpoint.