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The "Victory Fanfare" (勝利のファンファーレ Shōri no Fanfāre), also known as the Fanfare, is a recurring piece of music that appears in many Final Fantasy games, and is used often after a battle is won. While the same arrangement since the original Final Fantasy have been used repeatedly in the series, certain titles contain different arrangements after the Intro, or a new arrangement entirely.


Final Fantasy

The piece is titled "Victory" and plays when the player has won a battle encounter.

Final Fantasy II

In Final Fantasy II the piece is titled "Victory".

Final Fantasy III

Titled "Fanfare" in the original NES version and Victory Fanfare in the DS re-release, the piece plays after an encounter has been won.

Final Fantasy IV

The track's title is "Fanfare" in the SNES version and Victory Fanfare in the DS port.

Final Fantasy V

In Final Fantasy V the track is titled "Victory's Fanfare".

Final Fantasy VI

The Final Fantasy VI is simply titled "Fanfare".

Final Fantasy VII

"Fanfare" plays after the player defeats an enemy encounter, and is the first to use a different arrangement after the Intro. Two variations of it are played after the end of of a Chocobo race; "Jackpot!" played after a victorious race, and "Tango of Tears" played after a loss.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Loz's ringtone is the "Victory Fanfare", and plays after Tifa Lockhart narrowly wins a fight with him in Aerith's church.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

A slightly sped up version of Final Fantasy VII's fanfare is played if Zack completes a mission.

Final Fantasy VIII

Named "The Winner" the track plays at the end of a successful battle against an enemy or boss and after winning the card game Triple Triad. This track also used a different arrangement after the Intro.

Final Fantasy IX

The track is titled "Fanfare" in Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy X

The "Victory Fanfare" plays after defeating an enemy encounter. A short version consisting of the Intro may also be played after obtaining certain key items.

Final Fantasy X-2

An entirely different arrangement not following the original motif, this track is named Mission Complete and is played after successful battles and missions.

Final Fantasy XI

Since battles are very frequent the fanfare only plays when the player character levels up, though other players can see the level up graphic only the player hears the fanfare.

Final Fantasy XII

Named "Victory Fanfare ~FFXII Version~", it is played after winning Boss battles.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Two fanfares can be heard in the gameplay: "Victory Fanfare -Cosmos-" for the Heroes of Cosmos and "Victory Fanfare -Chaos-" for the Villains of Chaos. Also, each of the main series' original victory themes can be unlocked and heard to in the "Theater" section afterward.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Named Prize Competition, the tune plays when King Kolka awards the players prizes for completing one of his missions. This is the first time the Victory Fanfare tune is used in a Crystal Chronicles game.

Other Appearances

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Named "Victory from Final Fantasy I".

Non-Final Fantasy Appearances

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Named "Victory Over Culex", it plays when players defeat the hidden superboss Culex, who is based on Final Fantasy bosses. The game otherwise uses a different fanfare, titled "Victory!!".


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