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Vesperpool is a large lake in the northern Cleigne region. It becomes available to visit in Chapter 7 when the roadblocks on the roads leading to it are lifted. Noctis Lucis Caelum and his two party members, Ignis Scientia and Prompto Argentum, come to the area following rumors that mythril can be found around there, and venture to the Steyliff Grove ruins that are only open at night.

The lake is the biggest inland body of water on the region and is known for its good fishing spots. Myrlwood is a dungeon northwest of the region. Water represented death in the ancient Solheimian culture, and Solheimians paid tribute to the dead at the Vesperpool through the Steyliff Grove. Vesperpool is mentioned in the monoliths of Steyliff Grove Menace as a place ravaged by a lightning-elemental flying monster the king and the Oracle sought to fell.


Circlet in Chapter 15.

The procurement points in the area yield Vesprooms. The mineral deposits around yield the highest grade minerals.



Photo Op: Lakefront[]

Photo Op: LakefrontVesperpoolReach Chapter 07350 EXP

When driving through the area Prompto will ask to take a photo by the lake.


The lake has numerous spots for fishing and some of the biggest fish in the game can be caught here. The furthest fishing spots located at the northern edge and on the small islands can only be reached by swimming through the lake on a chocobo. One of the islands also has a tackle shop available during the day.

If the player camps at the haven near the parking spot and rent-a-bird with a full party, Gladiolus will ask for him and Noctis to go fishing for the legendary Liege of the Lake the next morning. Complying triggers a quest for the fish. The tour is completed once the player catches the Liege; quitting fishing puts them back at camp, but the tour can be restarted at any time by camping at the same haven again. It is possible to catch the Liege outside of the tour when fishing at the same spot.

List of fishing spots:

Black chocobo egg[]

The party finds the egg.

Wiz's final quest tasks the party with finding a rare female black-feathered chocobo that has fallen under attack. Noctis's party saves the egg at Vesperpool, but can't find the mother bird. They take the egg to Wiz Chocobo Post where Wiz will notify the group once it hatches.

The Frogs of Legend[]

A rainbow frog is found on the coast of Vesperpool northwest from The Vesperpool - West Bank fishing spot as part of Sania Yeagre's final quest.


All times[]

Serpent of Risorath BasinMeldacio Hunter HQ7
Red Hunt Icon.png
Midgardsormr x1The Vesperpool (All Times)5415,690 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★
People-Eating Snake Has Got to GoMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon.png
Hvitrormr x1The Vesperpool (All Times)7836,070 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★★


Threat from the ThicketMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Killer Wasp x7The Vesperpool (Daytime)335,550 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Lovable Little GluttonsMeldacio Hunter HQ5
Red Hunt Icon.png
Regaltrice x5The Vesperpool (Daytime)448,980 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Breeding Season: Hen ExterminationMeldacio Hunter HQ8
Red Hunt Icon.png
Royalisk x2The Vesperpool (Daytime)6221,120 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★


Mission: InvincibleMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Black Flan x3The Vesperpool (Nighttime)387,020 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Felling Mad, Old TreesMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Treant x1The Vesperpool (Nighttime)469,900 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★


Melusine FFXV.png

Melusine is an enemy introduced as part of patch v1.13. The quest O Partner, My Partner is available from Chapter 8 and has a recommended level of 99. A hunter at the Meldacio Hunter HQ tells Noctis of men vanishing in the Vesperpool, and they must defeat the daemon behind the disappearances. Defeating Melusine yields a faded letter. Melusine is based on its Final Fantasy V counterpart, which was designed by Tetsuya Nomura.

Unlike other daemons, Melusine will vanish at daybreak, preventing players from exploiting this weakness by engaging in a battle shortly before sunrise and simply needing to outlast the target.

Dreadful Legend[]

Dreadful LegendVesperpoolComplete "A Legend Is Born"10,000 EXP, Dragon Lance

Malbodoom and its young.

In Chapter 15, the player can meet Randolph in the backstreets of Lestallum who sends the party out to fell strong monsters to yield ingredients for powerful weapons he is going to forge. His second quest sends Noctis and his friends to the Vesperpool to fell a malbodoom that is surrounded by malboro brats. It is weak to daggers and Ice, meaning Noctis should equip his best daggers infused with Ice by Ignis. The best opportunity to deal damage is during malbodoom's Bad Breath by attacking it from behind. The minions mostly serve as a distraction and should be avoided if possible. The player can also freeze the water the malboros are on with Blizzard Elemancy, freeing the enemies in place (the player must stand on a rock when casting it or they get frozen in place along with the enemies).

Regalia racing[]



Duscaen Motor Challenge at [06:01]

Congrats boys: you done set a new record! I reckon Miss Cindy'll have somethin' special for ya.


The Windows/Royal Edition has three "cross country test drives" around Lucis the player can partake with the Regalia Type-D (obtained in Chapter 8 by accepting a quest from Hammerhead body shop) to get further enhancements for it. The Vesperpool course is unlocked after doing the King of the Off-road quest for Cindy Aurum.

The racing attendant is the same person who manages the item shop at Hammerhead. The first race at the Three Valleys appears after the player has modified their car to Type-D, and the other two appear after the player completes the first course. Talking to the attendant lets the player race even if the player has reverted their car to the base model, and the car is automatically converted.

The race at the Vesperpool is called Cross-Cleigne Safari. The races need to be finished within a generous time limit and players can generally manage them even if they go out of course and bump into rocks and trees. Completing the course within the time limit yields a Supersteel Bumper. Completing all races earns Speed Daemon achievement/trophy.

  1. Three Valleys
  2. Coernix Station - Cauthess
  3. Vesperpool

New recipes[]

Hearty Cutlet on Rice magazine location.

Entry 6: Moving Out of Oric's Culinary Chronicles is found on stone ruins east of Steyliff Grove, near to where Ardyn Izunia appears in Chapter 7. It teaches Paella de Pollo recipe to Ignis.

There is a magazine under the road bridge, directly south of the Vesperpool, that teaches Ignis Hearty Cutlet on Rice.

Catching a Vesper Gar from the east or west bank fishing spots teaches Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper. Catching King Trout from the islet fishing spot teaches Broiled King-on-a-Stick. Catching a Spotted Devil Gar from the islet teaches Oak-Smoked Devil Gar.

Timed Quests[]

Timed Quests appear in the shallow body of water southeast from the main lake.

Day of the Month Enemies QP
3 Bandersnatch 100
7 Garulessa + Garula 50
29 Garulessa + Garula 50



Vesper means "evening" in Classical Latin.