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TFFCC - Versus Mode Battle

A Versus Battle.

Versus Mode is a new multiplayer mode in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. The mode can be selected from the main menu, and can either be played locally or online.

The aim is to get the highest score against the opponent on a Battle Music Sequence. The twist is that the players have an EX Gauge, which gradually fills during the song. When the gauge is filled the EX Burst activates and will cause negative effects to whoever is inflicted, thus changing strategies during battle.

The EX Bursts featured are:

  • Chain Attack - Deals damage equal to the number of hits in a Chain.
  • HP Swap - Remaining HP will be swapped with opponent's.
  • Judgement - Scoring anything but CRITICAL results in getting BAD, and BAD and MISS will detract the total score.
  • Monster Buff - Opponent's monster becomes stronger, and Slide Triggers will rotate.
  • Mystery Triggers - Triggers are hidden by a question mark until just before they reach the Mark.
  • Random Speed - Triggers move at different speed's in each lane.
  • Super Speed - Triggers flow very quickly toward the Mark.
  • Wave Speed - Triggers will move in an unpredictable wave pattern.
  • Zooming Triggers - Triggers become small, but grow larger towards the Mark.

When the battle ends, the winner receives two CollectaCards and advances in the online rankings. The loser receives one CollectaCard as a consolation prize. ProfiCards can be exchanged with another regardless of loss, allowing the player to acquire the other's Chaos Map. In addition, a moogle commentates during the battle, usually alerting the player of an activating EX Burst.

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