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Veriaulde the Deathgaze.

My name is Veriaulde. You stay away from me, curse you! Stay away!
—Veriaulde to the Hero.
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Veriaulde is a Yuke in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, and was a guinea pig in Larkeicus's experiments. He was made immortal, but for a price: he is transformed into a Deathgaze when exposed to the Crystal Core.


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Originally, Veriaulde is found alongside Larkeicus heading to the Village. Larkeicus asks where the Crystal Core is, but the villagers refused to tell them. He then summons Golems to attack them, but Veriaulde demands Larkeicus to stop. Larkeicus ignores his words, then knocks Veriaulde unconscious and proceeds to destroy the Village. Being the guinea pig of Larkeicus's experiments granted him immortality, but he flinched from the thought. He ran away deep into the Ruins, hoping that no one would interact with him again.

After witnessing the atrocities he bore to becoming immortal, he considered the whole thought a curse. Thousands of years passed, but Veriaulde failed to hide himself from the world. The Hero eventually found him, showing him their Crystal Core shard. The Hero unsheathes the crystal and holds it before him, and Veriaulde promptly goes into a panic before mutating into the Deathgaze.

After the Hero defeats Deathgaze, he transforms back to Veriaulde, warning the Hero to not expose him to the Crystal Core shard. He then explains everything about himself, as well as Larkeicus's history of the Crystal revolution, answering questions the Hero had. Finally, he gives the Hero a "prezzie" that locates crystals. He is later seen in a flashback where he opposes Larkeicus during the attack on the village.

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Veriaulde is voiced by Kirk Thornton in the English version.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

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  • There is a Scratch card depicting him summoning the "prezzie" found in random places in the game.
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