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Verena (フェレーナ, Ferēna?) is a non-playable Hume character in Final Fantasy XI. She is the adopted sister of Aldo.


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In her childhood, Verena is seen to be good friends with the Goblins residing in Jeuno. Verena possesses a special ability to communicate with animals and Beastmen. She wishes to stop all tensions between Beastmen and the citizens of Vana'diel. She appears in a few mission scenes, most notably when her close friend Fickblix (affectionately nicknamed "Ficky") the goblin dies, and later in the Zilart missions, when her special ability is used to reactivate the core of Delkfutt's Tower in an attempt to open the Gate of the Gods.

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Involved in Missions
  • San d'Oria Mission 4-1: Magicite
  • Bastok Mission 4-1: Magicite
  • Windurst Mission 4-1: Magicite
  • Zilart Mission 8: Return to Delkfutt's Tower
  • Zilart Mission 9: Ro'Maeve
  • Zilart Mission 17: Awakening



Verena is venerated as a saint by the Coptic Orthodox Church, by the Roman Catholic Church, and by the Eastern Orthodox Church. According to tradition, she was associated with the Theban Legion and died on the 4th day of Thout (September 14). Tradition states that she was brought up in the 3rd century in the Theban region (modern day Luxor in Upper Egypt) in a noble Christian family, who handed her over to Bishop Sherimon, Bishop of Beni Suef, who in turn taught her and baptized her as a Christian.