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Verde (ベルデの村, Berude no Mura?) is a village in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is located to the north of Mt. Verde and to the west of the Forest Hut.


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As the party enters the village of Verde, they stop to rest and get some supplies. They notice that the villagers speak of the earthquake that happened earlier, and how the World Tree, Yggdrasil, is now wilting because of the sky turning dark. While talking to some of the villagers, the party learns of a famous dancer who marked Verde off her sights because of some unknown incident. Then the party learns about Mazewood, an enchanted elven settlement wherein most who wander within its sight lose their direction and remain entrapped within the enchantment. Finally, the party hears talk of an old man that the villagers seem to despise every time he comes inside the village because they seem to blame him for the darkness that has struck Verde. The party learns of his home in the outskirts of the village and as such, go on to investigate his connection with the wilting of the World Tree.

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Item Place
Ether Pot
150 gil Pot
Moogle Coin Chest (Chapter 4)



Item Price
Potion 30
Phoenix Down 200
Golden Needle 400
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Echo Grass 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Tent 200
Sacred Candle 100


Item Price
Main Gauche 550
Longsword 890
Spear 480
Battleaxe 520
Baghknakhs 780
Oak Staff 330
Metal Rod 350
Crossbow 750
Chain Whip 700


Item Price
Iron Shield 580
Headband 490
Wizard's Hat 500
Iron Helm 480
Kenpogi 600
Bard's Tunic 680
Iron Armor 750
Iron Armlet 400
Iron Bangle 350
Leather Shoes 60

White Magic[]

Item Price
Slow 300
Silence 300
Mini 300

Black Magic[]

Item Price
Poison 300
Sleep 300
Toad 300

The inn charges 50 gil per stay.



Verde means "green" in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian.