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Veraero is a Red Mage Red Mage spell from Final Fantasy XIV that deals damage to a single target and generates White Mana.


PvE version
Base mechanics
Formulae Base damage formula:

Where Potency is 310 initially or 370 with Enhanced Jolt; Trait is 1 initially, 1.1 with Maim and Mend, or 1.3 with Maim and Mend II
Cast time formula:
Recast time formula:
PvP version
Base mechanics


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Patch history[]

Version Changes
Stormblood Added with 300 potency and 4% base MP cost.
Had no interaction with Enhanced Jolt.
Patch 4.4 Potency increased to 310.
Shadowbringers MP cost set at 300 with MP system overhaul.
Patch 5.1 Enhanced Jolt updated to also increase Veraero's potency to 350.
Patch 5.2 Potency with Enhanced Jolt increased to 370.
PvP patch history
Version Changes
Stormblood Added with 1500 potency, 2.3 second recast, and granted 10 White Mana.
Patch 4.06a Potency increased to 1750.
Patch 4.1 White Mana granted increased to 15.
Shadowbringers Potency reduced to 1000.
Recast time increased to 2.4 seconds.
White Mana granted reduced to 10.
Patch 5.1 Potency increased to 1800.
White Mana granted increased to 15.