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Long ago, peace returned to this tumultuous land, and Lilties kept the highways safe. At long last, travelers walked the roads without fear of monsters. The Yukes constructed a great sluice to channel water down from Lake Shella, transforming Jegon creek into a great river. Over time, the river turned the vast plains of Fum into farmland, thereby providing food to people the world over. To us, this sluice is more important than anything.

Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Veo Lu Sluice.

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The Veo Lu Sluice (ヴェオ・ル水門, Veo Ru Suimon?) is a gigantic water table from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles set in the northern part of the continent, near the city of Shella. This complex is the single source of water for the Jegon River, which feeds the rest of the continent.

The sluice is operated by native pumpflowers, which have an unfortunate tendency to wither, thereby drying up most of the Jegon River. These flowers require some maintenance to keep healthy. The sluice is also home to Lizard Men, Flan, and Gigan Toads. The sluice is guarded by a Golem, which has many the strong attacks to hit, freeze, light aflame, or knock the player back with, all to hit anything humanoid or soft and fluffy.

Once Veo Lu Sluice enters its second cycle, the Jegon River will dry up. The boat will move to the Tipa Peninsula, granting permanent access to Leuda, even when the boat returns to the Jegon River. The drying of the river also grants free access to the Fields of Fum. To revive the Jegon River, one must simply cast Life on the large plants. Once they sprout a flower on their sides, they're alive again.

Moogle's Nest[]

The Moogle's Nest is located in the wall behind the flan that can be seen while getting the first key for the gate to press onward.

Musical themes[]

"Promised Grace"

"Promised Grace" is the track that plays in the Veo Lu Sluice. The theme from Veo Lu Sluice appears in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

Other appearances[]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Veo Lu Sluice appears as the FMS for "Promised Grace".

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