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Venus is a vain goddess and an antagonist from Final Fantasy Legend II. According to her, everything in her city is beautiful.



Venus is a tall, slender woman with fair skin, yellow eyes, and blonde hair. She wears a long, white dress which is pinned with a gold lion ornament on her left shoulder, and also wears gold necklace, an ornament on the head, and large, purple earrings.


Venus is arrogant and has an uncaring attitude. She rules over her own city where she exiles anyone that doesn't live up to her extreme standards of "beauty".


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The party talks to her and she tells them that she's glad they defeated the ugly Ashura. She grants them a reward by allowing them to stay in her world. She mentions that the party won't find any MAGI in her world, and laughs with a noblewoman's laugh.

The party returns to Venus' City and they tell Venus that there was MAGI within the sewer after exploring it, she doesn't believe them. After the volcano emerges from the ground, the party speaks to Venus again. She asks the party if they heard about the volcano which recently appeared where the Ruins of Ancient used to be. She wonders if there are any MAGI left.

After the party is robbed by Leon inside the volcano, they return to Venus' City and finds out that the wedding ceremony for Flora and Nils is about to begin. The party attends the wedding ceremony, but before the bride and groom can kiss. Leon barges in, and claims that he'll defeat Venus. She's surprise to see Leon has found the MAGI and him holding a knife at her. She repels his attack and tells him to not oppose her.

Flora gets in between Venus and Leon, begs Venus to forgive him, and she'll marry Nils just like Venus wants her to. Venus takes this as Flora ordering her to let Leon go. She tells Venus that she really loves Leon, and she's not afraid of anything anymore, claiming that she'll leave the city. Venus tells her that she can't, but Flora takes Leon's knife and makes a scratch on her face. Now that Flora has a scar, she can't stay in Venus' City anymore and ask to be exile outside of the city walls.

Venus is disappointed in Flora because she acted against her pride of beauty. Telling her this is unforgivable. The main character gets annoyed, he tells Leon that he's brave and he returns the Power MAGI that he stole from them. The main character also reassures Flora that they'll take over for them. Venus tells the party that nobody can oppose her in her world, but the main character mocks her so called "beautiful" world before laughing.

Venus battles the party, but ends up being defeated.

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Venus is similar to the battle with Ashura, except that she has more powerful abilities at her disposal. Venus has FFLII Resistance.pngDamage, which means that elemental abilities are useless, but she has no protection against status ailments such as Slep and Ston. She has a variety of attacks, including Flame (same as the female mutant's starting ability) and Erase (inflicts Stun to a party member, but isn't used often).

Other appearances[]

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[]

Venus makes an appearance as a card in the card game.



Venus is the second-closest planet to the Sun. Venus is also the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, and in Greek mythology, she is known as Aphrodite. The noun form venus means "love" and "sexual desire" in Latin.