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Venom as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Venom (猛毒, Mōdoku?, lit. Deadly Poison), also known as Envenomed, is a recurring status ailment in the Final Fantasy series. It appears as both weaker and stronger forms of the Poison status depending on the game.


Final Fantasy II[]

Venom removes HP from the afflicted character in each turn similar to Poison, however, it does not last after battle and there is a chance of recovery at the end of every turn. Venom can be cured by the White Magic spell Basuna at any level.

Final Fantasy IX[]

FFIX Venom Symbol.PNG

The unit is affected by strong poison and cannot take action, while HP and MP both periodically decrease. It is characterized by green and purple bubbles coming from the character, and a bottle symbol in the status windows. Venom does not wear off, and ultimately will result in a Game Over if the only character(s) left are afflicted.

The effect can be removed by using an Antidote or Remedy, or with the spell Panacea, and can be prevented altogether with the Antibody support ability.

Game Element Type Effect
Venom Breath Enemy Attack Inflicts Venom.
Venom Powder Enemy Attack Inflicts Venom.
Scissor Fangs Weapon Has Venom as an Add Status.
Antibody Auto-Ability Protects against Poison and Venom.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Envenomed functions similarly to Poison, and is inflicted by the hazardous pools of poison in the Daurell Caverns. The status cannot be cured, but characters will recover from it after a certain length of time. It can still be prevented with Ribbons, or the Magitek Exosuits while in combat. Afflicted units will take on a green sheen for the duration.