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The Veluga Pirates are a clan in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Their leader is a seeq Viking called Lord Grayrl.

They appear as an enemy during several quests, and sometimes blockade the route to Graszton. During the quest Lord Grayrl!, they attempt to sell Luso a "noble pearl" for 10 million gil, but then raises the price to 30 then 50 million. When Luso refuses to pay up 100 million, (his next ridiculous price) they attack the clan. The battle ends with Lord Grayrl saying that Luso is lucky he didn't have to pay 300 million gil, and decides to teach Clan Gully the Viking job instead.

In Pirate Attack, Clan Gully has to stop Lord Grayrl from stealing from Galerria Jewelers, which can be made easy with Ultima Shot/Ultima Masher, Ether Shell, and Natural Selection. They also appear during the Graszton Cup and the Loar Cup.


  • Lord Grayrl!
  • Pirate Attack
  • Graszton Cup
  • Loar Cup