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Velis is a character in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Not much is known about him, but his attire indicates he served the Dalmascan army.



Velis is a young man with a blond hair. He wears the uniform of the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca: silver neck guard, chest plate, leg guards, helmet and shoulder guards.


Velis is a kindhearted and brave soldier who wanted to serve Dalmasca. Velis loves a feol viera named Mydia and the two spent time together in Rabanastre. After Penelo heals his injuries, they become friends and spend time together, making Vaan envious of their connection. When he realizes Mydia's fate, he only desires for her soul to be free.


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Velis met Mydia at Rabanastre, and the two had annual meetings at the city's Southgate until he left to fight in the war against the Archadian Empire. Velis died in the battle of Nalbina Fortress, one of the many whose names were placed on the memorial at the Paramina Rift. His death drove Mydia mad with rage, leading her on the path of becoming the Judge of Wings. Feolthanos lured Mydia to Lemurés, where she believed she could bring her love back to life. She was deceived by Feolthanos, and she only created a Yarhi in Velis's form.

While stranded on Tswarra, Isle of the Lost, Vaan and company come across "Velis" being attacked by Yarhi. He initially does not say much, but befriends Penelo after she heals his injuries. He opens up to her and tells her he is looking for someone. They end up spending a lot of time together, making Vaan envious of the two.

Once Velis reveals to Penelo the truth about himself, Mydia arrives and turns him into his true form, the Yarhi, Odin. The party is forced to fight him, but Penelo is unable to hurt her friend and holds back. Vaan hesitates when he is about to defeat him, so Llyud finishes Velis off.

Later, the Ymir Qul Underground sends Vaan and his four friends to the world of the Yarhi, Lesrekta, Isle of Illusions, where they face Velis again. Upon his defeat, he tells them about Mydia and the truth behind the auracite, and Velis turns himself into the godblade, Anastasia‎ and the party can unlock the Yarhi Odin on the Ring of Pacts.


Velis's mortal self having died, only his Anima lives on in Lemures, summoned into existence by the grieving Mydia. Velis appears as the Yarhi Odin and later transforms into a sword for Vaan, the Anastasia.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

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Velis appears with an ice-elemental card.