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You've never seen a blade like this!

Velibor using Bonecutter

Velibor Azetina also known as Velibor the Baleful, is a non-player character in the Bozjan Resistance questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. He is part of the newly formed Gunnhildr's Blades, and fights with the Bozjan Resistance.


Velibor is a knight, and a direct descendant of the Verdant Path, an illustrious school famous for teaching everything from unarmed combat to swordplay to spear techniques.

This prestigious institution has existed for over two hundred years, and its adherents rose up in strength to defend the city-state of Bozja against the Garlean Empire's incursion. As the invasion rolled on however, Basch van Gabranth, then legatus of IVth Imperial Legion, grew reluctant at the slaughter such promising martial talent. He promised the Verdant Path amnesty and protection, if it would but swear fealty to the Empire. The schoolmaster accepted, and by surrendering himself to the invaders' justice were his disciples spared further bloodshed.

It was Velibor’s grandmother who inherited the schoolmaster’s mantle, and she upheld Gabranth’s pact with unflinching rigidity─tempers would flare and groups would form to rebel against the occupying forces, but any student she caught joining these uprisings was immediately expelled. On her deathbed, Velibor's grandmother murmured to Velibor's father that he was not required to honor the oath. The newly appointed schoolmaster chose to align the martial school with the resistance in an effort to retake their former homeland.[1]

Velibor became close to Blaz, his cousin who recently joined the Verdant path. During their training days, Blaz and Velibor were ever on the lookout for a third comrade to complete the technique of "Three as One". Their incomparable skill, however, meant that none of their fellows could ever measure up to them in an even contest. Only Aggie refused to admit defeat. Blaz and Velibor loved her as a little sister, and it was for this very reason they were hesitant to add her to their ranks. She earned the rank of master, and trained until she was able to claim victory for one of every three matches she fought against the cousins. Blaz and Velibor were compelled to recognize her achievements, and at last accepted her as their third. Their decision was swayed not by Aggie’s desire to fight, but by their need to protect her if she insisted she must. They swore to be her shields, come what may.[2]

The school took steps to formalize its loyalty to the Bozjan Resistance, and Velibor, as well as Aggie and Blaz, were invited to join Gunnhildr’s Blades. Velibor fought alongside other Gunnhildr’s Blades members in Bozjan Southern Front and participates in Bajsaljen’s raid on Castrum Lacus Litore. Before they can celebrate their capture of the Castrum, Misija appears with a captive Mikoto. Holding the scholar hostage, she forces the Warrior of Light to use their Echo to delve into the memories within the relic Save the Queen. As Bajsaljen prepares the Blades to surprise her, Misija summons the primal Gunnhildr and orders her to temper the Gunnhildr’s Blades on the spot, including Velibor. The Blades followed Misija's commands and killed their own comrades, eventually Save the Queen's aether distorts the bodies of Aggie, Blaz, and Velibor merging them into a single abominable entity that the Warrior of Light defeats in Delubrum Reginae.



Velibor is a Hrothgar of the lost tribe with blond hair and yellow eyes. He wears a full set of Bozjan armor of fending and wields the Relic resistance weapon Woeborn.


Velibor considers Blaz to be a brother more than a cousin and had a friendly rivalry with him. Velibor also loved Aggie as a little sister and sought to protect her in battle.


Velibor the Baleful is an allied npc who helps with several Skirmishes in The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front. In combat he fights as a Dark Knight with his own abilities, such as Baleful Bloodletting, Wicked Slice, and his unique ability Bonecutter. Later, he is fought as a boss called Trinity Seeker in Delubrum Reginae Delubrum Reginae.


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