This region's known as the Veldt. Monsters migrate here from all over the world, so it can be quite dangerous outside of town. You never know what you might run into.

Mobliz citizen

The Veldt is a seemingly endless plain which attracts monsters in Final Fantasy VI. Gau lives on the Veldt, and learns his various Rages here. The Veldt lies to the south of Baren Falls; the town of Mobliz lies on its eastern coast, while Crescent Mountain is near the southern tip of the plains. In the World of Ruin the Cave on the Veldt is found here.

Story[edit | edit source]

Gau found Sabin and Cyan washed onto the Veldt.

Sabin and Cyan wash onto the Veldt and are saved by Gau, who runs away after the two come to. After purchasing some Dried Meat in Mobliz, Sabin and Cyan give it to Gau to have him join them. As his thanks for the food, Gau tells Sabin and Cyan about a "shiny, shiny treasure" he has kept in the Crescent Mountain Cave to the south. The treasure turns out to be a diving helmet, and the three use it to dive into the Serpent Trench to swim to Nikeah.

In the World of Ruin, Gau has returned to the Veldt, and will again join the party if the party has at most three characters. A new cave has appeared on a mountain in the Veldt, where some outlaws are camped out and the player can find Shadow or Relm, depending on if Shadow was able to escape the Floating Continent

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Once an enemy formation is encountered (it does not have to be defeated), it will show up on the Veldt. The Veldt is thus useful for fighting enemies found in places the player cannot revisit, especially in the World of Ruin when most of the monsters from the World of Balance vanish. All enemy formations yield the same amount of gil and Magic Points they did elsewhere, but yield no EXP, making it a good place to train to learn magic if the player wishes to keep their level low.

There are some enemies that will not appear on the Veldt. Bosses will not appear, with the exception of the Guard Leader and the Holy Dragon, which can even be acquired as Rages for Gau. Some unique or special enemies will also not appear. The following is a list of monsters that cannot be encountered on the Vekdt:

The Death Warden does not appear in the SNES and PSX versions due to a glitch - it can only be encountered once and this occurs with it in a formation that does not appear on the Veldt, but there is an identical formation it appears in that can appear on the Veldt. In the GBA version and subsequent version, this is fixed and the Death Warden will appear and can be acquired as a Rage.

Tonberries can be encountered and have a Rage associated with them, but since they are the 256th monster, the game does not allow them to be learned as the 256th slot in the Rage menu is overwriten with an empty slot.

Formations[edit | edit source]

The monsters the player can encounter on the Veldt are not completely random. Players can encounter 1 formation from a group, and then the next encounter, they enter a battle from the next group. When the player first starts a new game, the first group they'll run into is a formation from group 1. To determine which formation in the group the player encounters, the game picks a random number from 0 to 7.

The player can only run into a formation that they've seen prior, but they don't need to have won the battle; if they escaped they can still encounter the formation on the Veldt. If the game picks a formation the player hasn't encountered yet, then they get the next formation in the group instead. The game keeps picking the next formation until it finds one the player has encountered. If they're on formation 7 of a group and haven't encountered that formation, it starts over at formation 0 from the group.

Some formations can't be encountered on the Veldt, but these are mostly special and boss formations. These are marked as None in the below list. If a formation doesn't contain a monster, it's treated the same as if the player has never encountered it. After the player fights a formation, the next time they battle on the Veldt they'll face a formation from the next group, or if they're on group 64, then the next fight will be from group 1. If a group is entirely empty and/or the player hasn't encountered any formation from it, the game skips that group and keeps going to the next group until it finds a group that has 1 or more formations the player has encountered. Before the GBA version, when the player reloads a game, it adds 13 to the group number that they'll encounter next. In the GBA and Steam/mobile versions, reloading a game will randomly set a group number as the first enemy group.

There are two Behemoth King formations in groups 54 and 57. The player can face them on the Veldt after defeating the Behemoth King (Living) inside the Cave on the Veldt. It is advised to not cast Vanish and Banish on it (SNES and PS versions), because this makes the game turn on a flag that causes the Behemoth King (Undead) formation to be loaded whenever an encounter on the Veldt tries to load the Behemoth King (Living) formation. When the player defeats the undead one in the Cave on the Veldt, the game marks the living formation as encounterable on the Veldt. This works because one variable still holds the first formation number, but all the enemies in the current formation have a value <= 255. The player can now encounter the Behemoth King (Undead) formation in group 57 on the Veldt, in place of Behemoth King (Living). Once they've fought it, they'll also be able to encounter the Behemoth King (Undead) battle in group 54.

Group 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Silver Lobo Silver Lobo x2 Guard x2 Foper x2, Urok Silver Lobo x2, Guard Leader Hornet x2, Foper x3 Leaf Bunny Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind
2 Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind x2 Sand Ray, Alacran x3 Sand Ray x2 Alacran x3 Sand Ray, Alacran x2 Hornet x2 Wererat x3 Hornet, Urok x2
3 Gorgias x2 Megalodoth, Silver Lobo Urok x3 Belmodar Belmodar, Mu x2 Mu x2, Unseelie Belmodar, Unseelie, Mu x2 Unseelie x2
4 Mu x4 Imperial Soldier x2, Magitek Armor Bandit, Spritzer Magitek Armor Trillium, Gorgias, Cirpius x2 Cirpius x3 Trillium x2 Gorgias, Cirpius x3
5 Zaghrem x2 Zaghrem, Trillium, Spritzer x2 Magitek Armor x2 Lesser Lopros x2 Zombie Dragon x2 Nautiloid, Exocite, Lesser Lopros Nautiloid, Exocite Lesser Lopros, Exocite x2
6 None Silver Lobo, Guard x2 None None Wererat, Bandit Wererat x2 Doberman x2 Actinian x3
7 None Stray Cat x3 Nettlehopper x2, Stray Cat x2 Nettlehopper x3 Chippirabbit x5 Aepyornis Aepyornis x2, Stray Cat Aepyornis, Chippirabbit x2
8 Chippirabbit x3 Aepyornis, Stray Cat, Nettlehopper x2 None None None Satellite, Imperial Soldier x4 Doberman x3 None
9 Heavy Armor Ghost Ghost x3 Actinian x3, Aspiran x2 Ghost, Poplium x2 Ghost x2, Poplium x3 Angel Whisper x2, Cloud Spritzer x2
10 Bomb x2, Cloud x2 Provoker x2, Lich x2 Angel Whisper x4 Oversoul x2 Bomb x3 Bomb Oversoul, Living Dead x2 None
11 Angel Whisper, Living Dead, Cloud x2 Angel Whisper, Cloud x3 Anguiform Anguiform x2 Megalodoth x2, Guard x2 Living Dead x3 Anguiform, Actinian, Aspiran Hell's Rider
12 Heavy Armor, Corporal x2 Fidor, Corporal Angel Whisper Corporal x4 Hunting Hound, Corporal x2 Fossil Dragon Bloodfang x2 Paraladia, Vulture, Iron Fist
13 Iron Fist x2, Rock Wasp x2 Bloodfang x2, Vulture Paraladia x2, Rock Wasp x3 Vulture x2 Vulture, Iron Fist Rock Wasp x4 Hill Gigas Crawler
14 Gobbledygook x4 Veil Dancer Veil Dancer, Gobbledygook x3 Harvester Veil Dancer, Harvester x2 Harvester, Gobbledygook x2 Hill Gigas, Harvester Magna Roader (Purple)
15 Goetia, Stunner x2 Stunner x3, Goetia x2 Crawler x4 Belzecue x2, Sergeant x2 Belzecue x2, Sergeant Magna Roader (Purple), Magna Roader (Red) Trapper x3 General x2
16 General, Onion Knight x2 Onion Knight x4 Chaser, Trapper x3 Chaser, Onion Knight x3 Lenergia Commander x3 Death Warden None
17 Lukhavi x2 None None None Murussu, Baalzephon None Desert Hare x3 Bomb
18 Bomb x6 Io Cancer x3 Fossil Dragon x2 Fossil Dragon, Bug x3 Bug x3 Bug x6 Don x2
19 Don, Wyvern x2 Don, Wyvern, Litwor Chicken x2 Grasswyrm x3 Don, Joker Joker x3 Litwor Chicken x5 Zombie Dragon Zombie Dragon, Outcast x2
20 Outcast x3 Provoker x2 Antares x3 Lich, Provoker, Antares Lich x3 Imperial Elite x3 Balloon x3 Balloon x6
21 Briareus Chimera Devourer, Briareus Devourer x3 Adamankary, Bonnacon x2 Adamankary x2 Bonnacon x5 Mandrake x3
22 Mandrake, Land Grillon x2 Venobennu x2 Gigantos None None None Gigantos x2 Sky Armor x2, Spitfire
23 Sky Armor, Spitfire Behemoth Apocrypha, Misfit x2 Apocrypha Ninja x2 Platinum Dragon x3 Apocrypha x3 Brainpan x2, Misfit, Apocrypha
24 Brainpan x3 Dragon Behemoth, Misfit x2 Behemoth x2 Ninja x2, Platinum Dragon Grenade Chimera, Devourer x2 Briareus x2
25 Peeper x2 Peeper x3 Land Ray, Peeper x2 Black Dragon Daedalus, Ahriman Fafnir x2 Fafnir x4 Killer Mantis, Fafnir
26 Killer Mantis x2, Fafnir Murussu, Gigantoad x2 Luna Wolf, Rukh Luna Wolf x2 Rukh, Murussu, Gigantoad Cherry, Ahriman x2 Ahriman x3 Zokka x2, Nightwalker
27 None Scorpion x3 Intangir Nightwalker x4 Vector Chimera x2 Devoahan Devoahan, Delta Beetle x2 Vampire Thorn x2, Lizard
28 Vampire Thorn x2 Delta Beetle x4 Vampire Thorn x2, Delta Beetle Devoahan, Lizard Cancer x2, Desert Hare x2 Cactuar Sandhorse x2 Sandhorse, Cancer x2
29 Oceanus Oceanus, Desert Hare x3 Fiend Dragon x2 Landworm Humpty x3 Cruller, Humpty x2 Humpty x4 Neck Hunter x2
30 Neck Hunter, Cruller, Humpty x2 Dante Dropper x3 Tonberries x3 Marchosias Slagworm Marchosias, Deepeye x2 Bogy x2
31 Deepeye x6 Deepeye x2, Mousse x2 Mousse x3 Mousse Borghese x2 Borghese, Cloudwraith x2 Skeletal Horror Cloudwraith
32 Cloudwraith, Exoray x2 Exoray x3 Malboro, Exoray Malboro None Tonberry Knotty x4 Tzakmaqiel, Illuyankas
33 Tzakmaqiel, Knotty x3 Illuyankas x3 Anemone x2, Onion Dasher Anemone x4 Illuyankas, Onion Dasher x2 Luridan x3 Punisher x2, Devil Fist Glasya Labolas
34 Glasya Labolas, Mugbear, Devil Fist Mugbear Luridan x6 Mugbear, Punisher Twinscythe Twinscythe x2 Gorgimera Vector Lythos x4
35 Primeval Dragon, Great Malboro Garm x3 Test Rider Lukhavi, Garm x2 Wizard x3 Wizard x2, Psychos x3 Garm x2, Psychos x2 Psychos x6
36 Magna Roader x2 (Yellow), Magna Roader (Brown) Magna Roader (Yellow), Magna Roader x2 (Brown) Primeval Dragon x2 None Blade Dancer x2, Crusher x2 Caladrius x2, Coeurl Cat, Crusher x2 Caladrius x2 Blade Dancer, Coeurl Cat x4
37 Misty x2 Rafflesia x3 Still Life Aspidochelon x2 Mahadeva Aspidochelon, Moonform, Creature Moonform x3 Moonform, Medusa Chicken x3
38 Sorath, Warlock, Creature Sorath x2 Warlock, Medusa Chicken x2, Creature x2 Great Behemoth, Vector Lythos x2 Fiend Dragon Devil x2 Devil, Figaro Lizard x2 Lunatys x2, Figaro Lizard x2
39 Lunatys Armored Weapon Enuo x2 Enuo, Devil, Figaro Lizard Lunatys x4 Al Jabr x2 Samurai, Al Jabr x2 Pluto Armor x2
40 Coco, Alluring Rider Pluto Armor, Schmidt Weredragon, Parasite x3 Alluring Rider, Pandora x3 Weredragon Coco, Samurai, Suriander Suriander, Pandora, Parasite x2 Crawler x3
41 Tyrannosaur x2 Tyrannosaur Brachiosaur Greater Mantis, Sprinter, Lycaon x2 Leap Frog x4 Greater Mantis x2 Basilisk x2, Leap Frog Tumbleweed x4
42 Sprinter x2, Lycaon x2 Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos Great Malboro x3 Vasegiatta Vasegiatta, Purusa Purusa, Gloomwind Gloomwind x3 None
43 Face x2 Clymenus x3 Face, Zeveak, Necromancer x2 Clymenus x2, Necromancer Seaflower x5 Ouroboros, Seaflower x2 Chaos Dragon, Ouroboros, Seaflower x2 Galypdes, Chaos Dragon x2
44 None None Kamui x2 Covert, Kamui Wartpuck x2 Shambling Corpse x2 Amduscias, Covert x2 Amduscias, Baalzephon
45 Baalzephon x2, Shambling Corpse x2 Wartpuck, Kamui None Magic Urn x2 Flan x6 Flan x4 None None
46 Destroyer x2 Lenergia x2, Destroyer None None None None None None
47 None None None None None Vector Hound x2, Commander Vector Hound x2 Cartagra, Acrophies x2
48 Gold Bear, Acrophies Cartagra x3 Acrophies x2 Darkside x2 Darkside, Specter, Eukaryote x3 Valeor, Wild Rat Valeor x3 Valeor x2, Wild Rat x3
49 None None None None None None None None
50 None None None InnoSent, Fortis Fortis x2 None Duel Armor x2, Death Machine Gamma
51 InnoSent x3 Junk x3 None None Proto Armor, Onion Knight x2 Onion Knight x5 Magna Roader x2 (Purple) Magna Roader x4 (Red)
52 None None Templar x2, Imperial Soldier x2 Balloon x4 Imperial Soldier x2 Death Machine, Metal Hitman x4 Metal Hitman x3 Duel Armor, Fortis
53 Sergeant x4 None Sergeant None None None None None
54 Behemoth King (Undead) Dark Force x2 Yojimbo x2, Dark Force Demon Knight, Yojimbo Outsider x2, Cherry Mover x3 Muud Suud Daedalus x2
55 None None None None None None None None
56 None None None None None None None None
57 None None None None Behemoth King (Living) None None None
58 None None None None None None None None
59 None None None None None None None None
60 None None None None None None None None
61 None Holy Dragon None None None None None None
62 None None None None None None None None
63 None None None None None None None None
64 None None None None None None None None

Quests[edit | edit source]

Recruiting Gau[edit | edit source]

Gau given Dried Meat.

Gau appears on the Veldt when Sabin and Cyan first arrive there. He will call out that he is hungry, but nothing can be done with him but to attack him to make him run away. By purchasing Dried Meat at Mobliz and using it on him, it will begin a cutscene, after which Gau joins the party.

On all subsequent occasions where Gau reappears at the end of battle due to using the Leap command previously, he will call out to the party and rejoin them after a short period of waiting. When Gau appears, any commands issued to the party are cancelled. If he is attacked he will flee again, but when he next appears will attempt to rejoin again. This can be manipulated to influence what Rages Gau learns by forcing him to flee from encounters the player does not want him to learn Rages for, and then letting him return when they do.

In the World of Ruin, wandering the Veldt in a party of fewer than four people will cause Gau to appear and rejoin the party. He will not appear if the party is full.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Wild West" from Final Fantasy VI

"Wild West" is the background and battle theme for the Veldt.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Veld, also spelled veldt, is a type of wide open rural landscape in Southern Africa. Particularly, it is a flat area covered in grass or low scrub, especially in the countries of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia.

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