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FFT0 Veill Desolands

Veill Desolands.

The Veill Desolands (滅びしヴァイルの地, Horobishi Vairu no Chi?) is a region in the southwestern corner of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0, belonging initially to the Militesi Empire.

Locations Edit

Silent Key Edit

In the southernmost cave of Orience is the entrance to Silent Key.

Quests Edit

Chocobo Catching Edit

The chocobos caught in this area are Combat Chocobos. The player needs to approach one and press the action button near it to capture it.

Enemies Edit

The enemies here are between levels 44-65.

Plains Edit

Forests Edit

Etymology Edit

"Desolands" is a portmanteau of "desolate" and "lands".

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