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Bravely Default - Veil

Veil in Bravely Default.

Raise target's status ailment resistance.

Final Fantasy XIII description

Veil (ベール, Bēru?) is a recurring ability in the series, primarily found within the Lightning Saga series. It either increases target's resistance to status ailments or raises its Evasion.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Veil is a spell available to Synergists. It bestows the status enhancement of the same name that increases target's resistance to status ailments at the expense of two ATB gauge segment.

It is learned by Vanille (Crystarium Stage 10), Hope (Stage 6), and Fang (Stage 7).

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Veil is a Synergist that raises the target's status ailment resistance. It has an ATB cost of 2 and a duration of 180.

It is learned by Serah (role level 18), Noel (role level 7), Clione (level 22), Fachan (level 30), Gancanagh Ace (level 12), Leyak (level 24), Microchu (level 9), Miquiztli (level 24), Oannes (level 9), Purple Chocobo (level 99), Sazh (level 25), Triffid (level 2), Yakshini (level 60), and Mewmao (level 1).

Bravely DefaultEdit

Veil is a job level 3 Time Magic. It raises one target's evasion by 50% for four turns. The upper limit for evasion is 150%. It costs 8 MP to use. It can be bought in Hartschild for 800 pg.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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A veil is an article of clothing or cloth hanging that is intended to cover some part of the head or face, or an object of some significance. It is especially associated with women and sacred objects.

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