Yuna: Shuyin!
Paine: It can't end like this.
Rikku: I'm getting ticked off!
Shuyin: Come, Vegnagun. Let us purge this repulsive world.

At the start of the battle

Vegnagun's Head is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2, and the fourth and final part of Vegnagun that must be destroyed. Once Vegnagun's head is destroyed, Shuyin confronts the party himself in a final battle.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

The battle has a time limit, and when the time is up, Shuyin fires Vegnagun's cannon, destroying Spira and giving the player the bad ending. During the battle voices of Jecht, Braska, and Auron give their support to Yuna and her friends.

Destroying the Redoubts makes this battle much easier, as it prevents the Head from unleashing several of its more lethal attacks, but the Redoubts revive after a period of time.

Vegnagun uses the following abilities:

  • Pallida Mors, which has a damage constant of 26 and hits one character for magic damage.
  • Odi Et Amo, which has a damage constant of 6 and deals 16 hits of magic damage to random characters, removing most status buffs.
  • Mors Certa, which has a damage constant of 12 and hits all characters for magic damage and an 80% chance of causing Silence, Darkness, and Poison.
  • Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus, which has a damage constant of 30 and deals major magic damage to all characters. It is used once Vegnagun loses 80%, 60%, 40%, or 20% of its max HP.
  • Acta Est Fabula, which is used only on the Redoubts when they are destroyed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is good to dedicate one character to healing while the others focus on dealing damage, preferably with either Dark Knight's Black Sky or Darkness ability, the Gunner's Trigger Happy, or any multiple-hitting or full-party attacks. Mascot is also recommended due to its strong stats.

The Gunner equipped with Cat Nip can inflict multiple hits of 9,999 damage in the original version. Equipping the Gunner with a Speed Bracer gives her a permanent Haste. Cat Nip and the Speed Bracer can be obtained by defeating the Black Elemental on the 40th Cloister of Via Infinito. This strategy only works in the original versions, as in the International and HD Remaster versions Catnip gives Auto-Berserk.

Another strategy is to go through all of the gates in Megiddo Garment Grid (obtained by going through all of the routes to the Farplane) and spamming Ultima and Flare, with an Alchemist on standby for Ethers and mixing Mega-Potions (Potion and Hi-Potion). This can be made easier with a captured Dark Elemental whose One MP Cost allows it to use Ultima and Flare without the need for MP refills from Ethers. The Dark Elemental should be equipped with the Megiddo Garment Grid to be able to use Ultima.

AI script[edit | edit source]

Basic Pattern:
(its pattern depends on whether the Redoubts are KOed)

Before Redoubts are KOed once:
(1) Shuyin says quote "A" while Vegnagun does nothing; (2) Do both Right
Redoubt and Left Redoubt have HP remaining?
Yes - Pallida Mors
No - do nothing; (3) back to step (2)
After Redoubts are KOed once:
(1) Acta Est Fabula and Vegnagun (Head) can be attacked; (2) Shuyin says
"B" then Vegnagun (Head), Right Redoubt, and Left Redoubt count their
turns; (3) Action 1; (4) Jecht says "C" while Vegnagun (Head) does nothing;
(5) Action 1; (6) back to step (5)
Action 1:
(1) Are Right Redoubt and Left Redoubt both KOed?
Yes - Acta Est Fabula
No - go to step (2); (2) Does it have less than 4/5, 3/5, 2/5, or 1/5 of its
max HP remaining?
Yes - Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus
No - go to step (3); (3) Has its Action Count reached 15 or higher?
Yes - go to zero and Odi Et Amo
No - Mors Certa

Counter Attack Pattern:
if hit by an attack, Action Count increases by 1

Turn Count Pattern:
Remaining HP Pattern:
If Vegnagun's HP is reduced to critical, Jecht says quote "D"

Random Pattern:
Auron says "E" randomly.
A = "Come, Vegnagun. Let us purge this repulsive world."
B = "The end now begins."
C = "If Vegnagun fires, it's all over. You have to stop it now! There is no
D = "That'a girl, the tides are turning!"
E = "Yuna, Rikku, Paine... this is your time, you must defend it."

Quote Pattern:
Yuna: "Shuyin!" - [start of battle], then
Paine: "It can't end like this." - [start of battle], then
Rikku: "I'm getting ticked off!" - [start of battle]
* Rikku: "Is this thing finally outta juice?" - [end of battle], then
* Paine: "Maybe he'll listen now." - [end of battle], then
* Yuna: "Yeah, let's talk to Shuyin." - [end of battle], then
"*" - quotes said regardless of girls' conditions - ie. Petrification, KO,
Stop, Silence, Sleep - or captured creature presence in battle

Unsorted quotes:
Braska: "The only faith you need is faith in yourself."
Jecht: "Give it an extra pounding for me!"
Jecht: "If Vegnagun fires, it's all over. You have to stop it now! There is no
Auron: "Stay calm. Keep attacking, no matter what."
Auron: "Vegnagun's half-way to firing power. You still have time. Believe,
Shuyin: "All shall find rest."
Shuyin: "There's no place to run."
Shuyin: "Mine is the power to crush Spira's despair."
Shuyin: "At lastm Spira will be cleansed."
Shuyin: "Now, Vegnagun. Fire!" -> [Game Over; receive 'bad ending']

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Pallida Mors means "pale death", which is how the Romans described their mythological personification of death.
  • Acta Est Fabula means "the play is over", supposedly the last words of Roman emperor Caesar Augustus.
  • Mors Certa means "certain death", yet it does not inflict the "instant death" debuff, so it is uncertain whether it causes death. The attack name is part of the famous Latin adage, "mors certa, hora incerta", which means "death is certain, its hour is uncertain".
  • Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus translates roughly as "no one can be happy before their death".
  • Odi Et Amo translates to "I hate and I love" from the poem "Catullus 85".

Related enemies[edit | edit source]

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