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Vaults (貸金庫, Kashi Kinko?, lit. Safety Deposit Box) are locations in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, found in various towns in the world of Lapis. Owned by the Shadow Raven organization, the vaults contain treasures which can be redeemed by turning vault keys. These keys can be found in explorations and towns, or obtained as quest rewards. The various vaults are part of the fan-termed Raven sidequest.

Upon full completion of a vault, the player is given a final treasure as a reward.


There are five vaults: the first is in Royal Capital Grandshelt, attended by Donkey; the second, assigned to Boar, is in Industrial City Dilmagia; the next one is in Downtown Zoldaad, guarded by Swan; the one in Magi Nation Mysidia is attended by Ferret; and the final one is in Underworld Gaberada, which Shade keeps watch over. The vaults cannot be accessed unless unlocked.

In order to access the first vault, the player must clear the quest "Pendant Dependent". The player can then turn in their Earth Keys to obtain the treasures inside. It isn't necessary to turn all the keys in order to unlock the next vault. Rather, the player must complete the quests "Operation Desert Treasure" from Grandport, and "A Thief's Legacy" from Golzas Canyon. Then they have to obtain Earth Key #8 from a chest at the Wind Shrine, complete "An Animal's Tale" in Village of Ambel and return to the vault in Royal Capital Grandshelt. Donkey will give a letter that Rain must deliver to Boar at the vault in Dilmagia, located on the bottom-left part of the first screen. The player can then obtain and turn in Gale Keys. Unlike other vault keys, chests with Gale Keys inside won't show up in explorations unless the vault is unlocked.

To unlock the next vault, the player must clear "What a Man Wants" in Aquapolis Olderion and "Boarish Pride" in Town of Amore, which will reward the reward the player with Gale Key #4. After turning it in with Boar, he will give a letter that the player can deliver at the vault in Downtown Zoldaad. Swan will then receive the players' Flamering Keys.

The player can access the fourth vault by clearing the "Buried Below" quest in Snowy Woods to obtain Flamering Key #6, and turn it in for a cutscene. Then clearing "Snatched Away" in Sorcerer's Hideaway and turning in its reward, Flamering Key #10, triggers another cutscene. The player must talk to the vault keeper, Swan, to receive the Crow's Letter that they are to deliver at the vault in Magi Nation Mysidia. After receiving the letter, Ferret will accept Aurora Keys.

The fifth and final vault is unlocked after clearing and obtaining the Aurora Keys from the quests "Phantom Spirit?", "Bonds Forever" and "Remembering the Days of Ole". The player then must go to the vault in Gaberada and see a cutscene. The player can now turn in their Black Keys.

After turning in all vault keys, the player can start the quest "The Legendary Raven", whose quest giver is Shade. The quest itself is divided into several smaller quests, with seven objetives: resolve Ferret's request ("Pavlo's Punishment"), resolve Swan's request ("The Merchant's Ambition"), resolve Boar's request ("What Makes a Hog"), resolve Donkey's request ("Adventure with an Old Friend"), listen to the second generation Raven, obtain the Ravens treasure, and report to Shade. The reward is 20 Star Quartz and the accessories Mark of the Raven and Great Raven's Cape.



Earth Key

Key Obtained Reward Completion bonus
Earth Key #1 Lost Village of Marlo Main Gauche Thief Bracer
Earth Key #2 Lanzelt Ruins Mythril Plate
Earth Key #3 Fulan Pass Capella
Earth Key #4 Complete "The Hungers Game" War Hammer
Earth Key #5 Wolfsfang Peak Mythril Gloves
Earth Key #6 Town of Mitra Recipe for Stona
Earth Key #7 Grandport Recipe for Bio Blaster
Earth Key #8 Wind Shrine Recipe for Paladin Armor
Earth Key #9 Phantom Forest Red Cap
Earth Key #10 Ordol Port Black Choker
Earth Key #11 Complete "A Thief's Legacy" Quake Ring
Earth Key #12 Lanzelt Ruins Recipe for Gravity
Earth Key #13 Zadehl Westersand Kazekiri
Earth Key #14 Felicitas Town Mythril Shield
Earth Key #15 Dalnakya Cavern Dagger
Earth Key #16 Village of Kol Recipe for Thundara
Earth Key #17 Lanzelt Highlands Silver Cuirass
Earth Key #18 Port City Lodin Gold Anklet
Earth Key #19 Clear Colosseum BGN D-3 Kenpogi
Earth Key #20 Complete "Operation Desert Treasure" Charm Bangle
Earth Key #21 Complete "An Animal's Tale" Recipe for Hyper
Earth Key #22 Royal Capital Grandshelt Recipe for Shuriken
Earth Key #23 Kolobos Marsh Recipe for Protect
Earth Key #24 Wolfsfang Peak Icebrand
Earth Key #25 Zadehl Westersand Recipe for Steal


Gale Key

Key Obtained Reward Completion bonus
Gale Key #1 Lake Dorr Sonic Knuckles Air Knife
Gale Key #2 Town of Kolts Equip Hat
Gale Key #3 Aquapolis Olderion Recipe for Wyvern Feather
Gale Key #4 Town of Amore Tornado Ring
Gale Key #5 Village of Ambel Recipe for Mythril Plate
Gale Key #6 Junkyard Mirage Vest
Gale Key #7 Aquapolis Olderion Blessed Hammer
Gale Key #8 Ghost Ship Golem's Staff
Gale Key #9 Industrial City Dilmagia Recipe for Moon Bracer
Gale Key #10 Mystic Woods Recipe for Mythril Saber


Flamering Key

Key Obtained Reward Completion bonus
Flamering Key #1 Magic Library Swordbreaker Germinas Boots
Flamering Key #2 Magi Nation Mysidia Recipe for Undead Killer
Flamering Key #3 Zoldaad Castle Grounds Recipe for Flame Mail
Flamering Key #4 Downtown Zoldaad Ras Algethi
Flamering Key #5 Snowy Woods Recipe for Sirius
Flamering Key #6 Complete "Buried Below" Yakei
Flamering Key #7 Downtown Zoldaad Equip Clothes
Flamering Key #8 Magi Nation Mysidia Recipe for Golden Armor
Flamering Key #9 Downtown Zoldaad Red Ring
Flamering Key #10 Complete "Snatched Away" Aura Staff


Aurora Key

Key Obtained Reward Completion bonus
Aurora Key #1 Underworld Gaberada Beast Killer Apocalypse
Aurora Key #2 Mysidia Tower Recipe for Golden Vest
Aurora Key #3 Gronoa Shrine Entrance Striking Staff
Aurora Key #4 Underworld Gaberada Vesper
Aurora Key #5 Sorcerer's Hideaway Equip L Shield
Aurora Key #6 Mysidia Underground Dragon Shield
Aurora Key #7 Societal Ruins Glacier Ring
Aurora Key #8 Gronoa Shrine Entrance Red Jacket
Aurora Key #9 Complete "Remembering the Days of Ole" Recovery Rod
Aurora Key #10 Complete "Bonds Forever" Dragoon's Gauntlet


Black Key

Key Obtained Reward Completion bonus
Black Key #1 Sky Cave Avenger Galmia Set
Black Key #2 Complete "The Fabled Warrior Spirit" Wyvern Spear
Black Key #3 Complete "Lost in the Cave of Crystals" Demon Shield
Black Key #4 Gronoa Shrine Depths Dragon Mail
Black Key #5 Roaring Volcano Tynar Rouge
Black Key #6 Ruggles Underground Pass Use Grappling Weapons
Black Key #7 Foggy Thicket Recipe for Torrent Ring
Black Key #8 Forgotten Walls Demon Axe
Black Key #9 Duggle Village Demon Killer
Black Key #10 Clouds of Lasting Light Amulet

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