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Vauderame is a non-playable Elvaan character in Final Fantasy XI. He accompanies Rochefogne on a journey to the Kingdom of San d'Oria. He aids his companion while revealing almost nothing about himself.


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Vauderame is one of the few people in Vana'diel that recognize Rochefogne as the son of Marquis Altedour of Tavnazia, a nation blasted into the sea along with its leader during the Crystal War. Rochefogne had suffered memory loss in the wake of his country's destruction, however, and Vauderame had waited twenty years for the heir to remember enough to begin reconstruction. Ultimately what Rochefogne recalled was that he had unleashed Lightbringer, a powerful sword, and accidentally caused Tavnazia's annihilation. The future Marquis therefore entangles Vauderame in a quest to recover and seal the weapon rather than rebuilding immediately.

During this journey, Vauderame keeps a close eye on Rochefogne and prevents him from saying too much about their goals or joining unnecessary battles. Seeking information in San d'Oria, they sneak into Chateau d'Oraguille to raid the quarters of the late Queen and subsequently escape almost unnoticed. Eventually, Rochefogne decides to construct an elemental barrier around the Kingdom to protect Lightbringer from Orcish invaders in the event that San d'Orians obtain it. He sends Vauderame to check this enchantment's anchor points. By the time the two meet again the Marquis has foiled an assassination attempt, infiltrated a gathering of the d'Oraguille family, and witnessed Lightbringer's delivery to King Ranperre's Tomb. Vauderame is therefore inclined to keep Rochefogne secured and the heir's whereabouts beyond that moment are unknown.

Having concluded the search for Lightbringer, Vauderame turns to the restoration of the Marquisate. He works through the Tenshodo in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno to deliver messages to former members of a gang of thieves. Ostensibly this is to gather information about a treasure hidden by their leader, Atarefaunet. In truth Vauderame is Atarefaunet himself and his correspondence serves as a rallying call to his faithful brigands. Together they plan to pose as "Vauderame's Knights" and rebuild Tavnazia under Marquis Rochefogne. Vauderame would not be the last alias employed by the infamous rogue, however.

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