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A giant bird. Creates a Cyclonic with its huge wings. Also attacks with Aero.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Vasegiatta, also known as Harpy, is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI. It can be found around Thamasa.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Its special attack, Talon Grab, does slightly more damage than its normal attack, and it has a chance to use Aero on its second turn. This is particularly dangerous if the party has been hit by its Cyclonic, which puts all characters in Critical status. It uses Cyclonic as a counterattack when struck by spells.

It is possible to morph this enemy into a Growth Egg, an extremely rare relic that doubles the experience experience earned.

Coliseum setup Edit

Bet Brigand's Glove for Dagger

While a high Magic Evasion can block Cyclonic, it would be safer to simply equip a Safety Bit/Memento Ring. The Paladin's Shield, Thunder Shield, or Minerva are really helpful against Aero, while Kagenui can inflict stop on Vasegiatta.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Norm. (Normal) Back Surr. (Surrounded) Side
331 Vasegiatta Y Y N Y Sides, individual Battle 1
332 Vasegiatta, Purusa Y Y N Y Sides, individual Battle 1

AI scripts Edit

Normal script Edit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Nothing (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Talon Grab (33%) or Aero (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (66%) or Nothing (33%)

If attacked by "Magic": Attack (33%) or Cyclonic (33%)

Coliseum script Edit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (25%) or Talon Grip (25%) or Cyclonic (25%) or Aero (25%)

If attacked by "Magic": Attack (33%) or Cyclonic (33%)

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Etymology Edit

It has also been known as a Harpy. In Greek and Roman mythology, a harpy was a female monster in the form of a bird with a human face. They steal food from their victims while they are eating and carry evildoers (especially those who have killed their family) to the Erinyes. They seem originally to have been wind spirits. Their name means "snatchers".

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