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Fate made us train together, and fate will send you to your doom!


Vargas is a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy VI. He is the son of Duncan Harcourt, a famed martial arts instructor in Figaro. Vargas resents fellow pupil Sabin, believing that his father favors Sabin over his own kin.



Vargas is a dark-skinned man wearing blue trousers with a yellow sash around his waist and red sashes on his wrists. His attire resembles Sabin's, who is depicted in concept art as shirtless with colored trousers similar to Vargas's. Vargas's battle sprites depict him with long blue hair tied in a ponytail, but his field sprites give him short, messy green hair.

Vargas's sprite, with a different palette, is also used for Dadaluma.


Vargas is arrogant and proud of his skills, boasting of his superior abilities over Sabin. Vargas resents Sabin under the belief believed that his father favors his other pupil, which furthermore makes Vargas begrudge Duncan as well. He is quick to resort to violence when provoked and when things don't go his way, to the point he savagely attacks his own father, causing everyone, including himself, to think he killed him. Vargas, despite his training in martial arts, is aggressive and disrespectful.


The party's encounter with Vargas on Mt. Kolts.

Vargas and Sabin trained together under Duncan for years at a home near South Figaro and Mt. Kolts. Vargas believed Duncan favored Sabin and intended to name him heir to the family dojo, which infuriated him. At one point, he didn't make much progress in his lessons, something that his father didn't like, and believing his father had snubbed him, Vargas attacked Duncan and beat him to the brink of death.[1] Vargas believed he had killed his father, a rumor that spread across the region.

Sabin defeats Vargas with Raging Fist.

While Terra, Locke, and Edgar climbed Mt. Kolts to reach the Returner Hideout, they ran across Vargas. Believing Sabin had sent them, Vargas attacked them and tried to kill them. Sabin interrupted the fight and confronted Vargas about Duncan's death, insisting Vargas had misunderstood everything and Duncan intended to name him his heir. Vargas refused to listen and used a special technique to blast the others but Sabin back, and the two engaged in a one-on-one duel to the death, a battle Sabin won when he unleashed a Blitz technique, stunning Vargas that he had already learned such a skill.

After their duel, Vargas was never seen or mentioned again. From the ending of the battle and the way Vargas's sprite vanishes from the battle screen, it is not clear if he fled or if Sabin killed him.


Vargas using Gale Cut on the party during his boss encounter.

Vargas is fought as a boss at Mt. Kolts with two Ipooh enemies. The second half of the battle becomes a scripted event, requiring the player to have Sabin use the Raging Fist ability to end the encounter.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Vargas FFVI.png

Vargas appears along with two Ipoohs as the boss of the Record of Mt. Kolts. If Sabin is in the party, his dialogue with Vargas from Final Fantasy VI is reenacted.

Target Scores
  • Exploit the Ipooh's weakness to Fire
  • Defeat without being KO'd

Vargas and his fighting bears could give even the most seasoned players fits, especially in Elite mode. Until the bears are down, Vargas is invincible but can still hit the party with punches and a Gale Cut. The player should use Fire-based abilities against the Ipoohs to drop them out of the battle fast, then go after Vargas. Power Break and Protect help soften his attacks, but they can't help the party avoid Blizzard Fist's inherent Doom status. The player needs to finish quickly if the clock starts ticking.

Sabin once joined the party upon completion of the Bonus Quest set in this Record.



Vargas is a Spanish and Portuguese surname.