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The Vanu Vanu are a race of bird-like beastmen in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. They are indigenous to the floating islands in the Sea of Clouds.


This avian beast tribe resides on the floating islands dotting the Sea of Clouds. Prior to the advent of airship technology, the Vanu Vanu were unknown to the rest of the world. After man began to soar the skies, the Vanu Vanu must adapt as outsiders encroach upon their home.

They are stout beastmen with avian features, including white beaks. Unlike the Ixal, the Vanu are covered with feathers excluding their lower legs. The Vanu Vanu have no wings and wear tribal clothing. Concept art has shown what appears to be Vanu-made structures, depicting stone buildings with trees growing through them with decorative paint matching their colors.

The Hanuhanu are a species closely related to the Vanu Vanu which live in Tural.


The Vanu Vanu have lived in the Sea of Clouds for an uncertain period of time. The high-altitude nature of their habitat meant the Vanu Vanu remained isolated from the "netherlings" who dwell in terrestrial Eorzea. This all changed when airship technology permitted the Holy See of Ishgard to expand into the skies above Abalathia's Spine. As part of a trade agreement, House Haillenarte was permitted to established an outpost called Camp Cloudtop.

Peace lasted for a year and a half, until suddenly the Vanu Vanu began to exhibit increasingly hostile behavior to the colonists. Foraging parties were attacked without provocation, requiring them to airlift supplies from the Holy See.


The Vanu Vanu are divided into a number of tribes.


A blue-feathered tribe that lived in Ok'Gundu until their subjugation by the war-like Vundu. While some have pledged themselves to the belligerent Vundu, others have attempted to rebel and seek the aid of the Zundu tribe.

Starting with patch 3.1, players will be able to undertake several Beast-tribe quests which change on a daily basis. By completing them, players can improve their reputation with the Vanu Vanu. At certain milestones, you will be given the opportunity to undertake main beast tribe quests, which are episodic quests that provide insight into the lives of the Vanu Vanu.


The barbaric blue-feathered Vundu are highly militaristic. Worse, they have summoned the legendary Bismarck as a primal, which began consuming aether-rich islands. They have wasted no time in establishing dominance over other Vanu Vanu tribes and claiming the Sea of Clouds as their own.

In addition to causing problems with House Haillenart's outpost at Camp Cloudtop, the primal has attracted unwanted attention from the Garlean Empire and its VIth Imperial Legion.


The peaceful red-feathered Zundu reside in the village of Ok'Zundu. They oppose the tyranny of the Vundu, who summoned the legendary whale as a profane imitation that now threatens to consume the floating islands the Vanu dwell.

Behind the scenes[]

Models for the Vanu Vanu have existed within the game's data since the release of the "Through the Maelstrom" patch, however, they were not officially revealed as a beastmen race until the 2014 North American fan festival.

They are referred to as "chubby Ixal" by the developing team.

Vanu Vanu's culture is based, on or perhaps inspired by, Maori.