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Vanquish Jie Revorse! is a raid event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The event is a collaboration with the Star Ocean franchise, commemorating the Global release of Star Ocean -anamnesis-. As the name suggests players face Jie Revorse, the antagonist of the first Star Ocean game, as a boss.

It has a companion challenge event, Defeat Jie Revorse - GOD, to be released during the event's second week.


As with all raids, Vanquish Jie Revorse! requires the collaborative effort of all players of the game. Jie Revorse's HP is tremendously high and it is up to the players to slowly drain it until the event's end, not to defeat the boss but to earn points and materials: defeating Jie Revorse rewards each player with an amount of FFBE Jie Revorse Raid Coin.png Jie Revorse raid coins, the number of which depends in the damage dealt and the current Level Bonus (which in turn, is determined by Jie Revorse's global Level and will go down should the players not continually deplete its current global HP bar before the timer reaches 0:00:00). These raid coins can be used to summon in a related Raid Summon banner, located under the Standard Summon tab.

The event also features a time-limited Rare Summon banner with featured units from Star Ocean series, which appear in Star Ocean -anamnesis- and are the protagonists of their series' main entries: Roddick Farrence from Star Ocean, and its remake; Rena Lanford, deuteragonist of the second installment, The Second Story and its remake; Fayt Leingod, protagonist of the third game Till the End of Time, and Fidel Camuze from the fifth game, Integrity and Faithlessness. Reimi Saionji (deuteragonist of the fourth installment, The Last Hope) can be acquired via Raid Summons.

Known issues[]

The event has a major bug which causes chain damage on the Raid Boss to not be calculated for score. As such using powerful one strike units is the best course of action. As compensation, the threshold for rewards has been lowered and 10,000 Raid Coins will be given daily to all players.


Players can check their progress and ranking by clicking on the "Achievement Status" button. While all rewards are sent to the player's mailbox, only individual rewards can be collected as soon as the player gets enough points. Rank rewards are distributed once the event is finished.

Individual rewards
Points Reward
75 pts Jie Revorse Raid Coin x500
475 pts Y-Potion x5
950 pts Recipe for Metal Pipe
1,400 pts Mega Ether x5
1,875 pts Fairies' Writ x10
2,825 pts Recipe for Takemikazuchi
3,750 pts Rare Summon Ticket x1
4,650 pts Jie Revorse Raid Coin x1000
6,550 pts Rainbow Bloom x10
9,375 pts Star Quartz x5
12,200 pts Recipe for Riot Gear
15,000 pts 4★+ Guaranteed Ticket x1
18,750 pts 1★ Trust Moogle x1
22,500 pts Jie Revorse Raid Coin x2000
26,250 pts Calamity Gem x10
33,750 pts Recipe for Scarlet Roses
41,250 pts 1★ Trust Moogle x1
48,750 pts Recipe for Kogarasumaru
56,250 pts Prismatic Horn x10
69,375 pts Rare Summon Ticket x1
82,500 pts Jie Revorse Raid Coin x2000
95,625 pts 1★ Trust Moogle x1
108,750 pts Recipe for Fierce Bow
127,500 pts Calamity Writ x10
146,250 pts 1★ Trust Moogle x1
165,000 pts Jie Revorse Raid Coin x3000
172,500 pts King Metal Minituar x5
183,750 pts Rare Summon Ticket x1
202,500 pts Divine Crystal x10
213,750 pts Magi Staff x1
243,750 pts Jie Revorse Raid Coin x4000
243,750 pts Gil Snapper Family x5
303,750 pts Jie Revorse Raid Coin x5000
348,750 pts Rare Summon Ticket x1
393,750 pts 4★+ Guaranteed Ticket x1
431,250 pts 1★ Trust Moogle x1
450,000 pts Mini Tough Pot x1
487,500 pts Mini Magi Pot x1
525,000 pts Mini Power Pot x1
543,750 pts Rare Summon Ticket x1
562,500 pts Mini Shield Pot x1
600,000 pts Mini Smart Pot x1
637,500 pts Mini Soul Pot x1
675,000 pts Mini Burst Pot x1
693,750 pts Rare Summon Ticket x1
712,500 pts Tough Pot x1
787,500 pts Magi Pot x1
862,500 pts Power Pot x1
937,500 pts 5★ Trust Moogle*(ALL 10%) x1
1,012,500 pts Shield Pot x1
1,050,000 pts Philosopher's Stone x1
1,087,500 pts Smart Pot x1
1,162,500 pts Soul Pot x1
1,237,500 pts Burst Pot x1
1,312,500 pts 4★+ Guaranteed Ticket x1
1,462,500 pts King Tough Pot x1
1,687,500 pts King Magi Pot x1
1,912,500 pts King Power Pot x1
2,137,500 pts King Shield Pot x1
2,362,500 pts King Smart Pot x1
2,587,500 pts King Soul Pot x1
2,812,500 pts King Burst Pot x1
Ranking rewards
Rank Reward
1 5★ Trust Moogle (FFBE 302 Trust Moogle.png) x4
Rare Summon Ticket x10
2 5★ Trust Moogle x3
Rare Summon Ticket x9
3 5★ Trust Moogle x3
Rare Summon Ticket x8
4 - 10 5★ Trust Moogle x2
Rare Summon Ticket x8
11 - 50 5★ Trust Moogle x2
Rare Summon Ticket x7
51 - 100 5★ Trust Moogle x2
Rare Summon Ticket x6
101 - 500 5★ Trust Moogle x1
Rare Summon Ticket x6
501 - 1,000 5★ Trust Moogle x1
Rare Summon Ticket x5
1,001 - 5,000 5★ Trust Moogle x1
Rare Summon Ticket x4
5,001 - 10,000 4★ Trust Moogle (FFBE 339 Trust Moogle.png) x1
Rare Summon Ticket x4
10,001 - 30,000 4★ Trust Moogle x1
Rare Summon Ticket x3
30,001 - 50,000 1★ Trust Moogle (FFBE 560 Trust Moogle.png) x1
Rare Summon Ticket x3
50,001 - 70,000 1★ Trust Moogle x1
Rare Summon Ticket x2
70,001 - 100,000 Rare Summon Ticket x1
100,001 - 150,000 Lapis x200
150,001+ Lapis x100

Raid summons[]

Within the event period, players can use the Raid Summon banner by spending raid coins. Each summon costs 100 FFBE Jie Revorse Raid Coin.png. A batch summon up to 50 summons at once costs 5000 FFBE Jie Revorse Raid Coin.png. Through this method, the player can obtain Magicites and Megacites of all colors, exclusive units and materials, and the ultra-rare 4★+ Guaranteed Tickets and non-specific Trust Moogles (1%, 5% or 10% ALL).

The featured Star Ocean units can be fused with the summonable Trust Moogles that serve as 5% enhancers for their respective Trust Master meters: Rena's Knuckles of Hope, Fayt's Farwell, Roddick's Millie's Charm, Fidel's Fortitude and Vigor and Reimi's Seed of Hope.



Recipes and crafting materials will come from both the individual rewards and from raid summoning. While most of the gear can be crafted multiple times, there is one exception (Fierce Bow) which requires the Philosopher's Stone and, as such, is limited to one per player.

Item Type Requirements
Metal Pipe Sword Iron x40, Smithy Hammer x10, 600 gil
Takemikazuchi Dagger Iron x30, Carbon Fiber x20, Velvet Ribbon x10, Moonstone x10, 1,000 gil
Riot Gear Light armor Iron x30, Carbon Fiber x20, Smithy Hammer x10, Moonstone x10, 2,400 gil
Scarlet Roses Gun Carbon Fiber x60, Velvet Ribbon x50, Moonstone x25, 4,800 gil
Kogarasumaru Katana Carbon Fiber x60, Smithy Hammer x50, Moonstone x25, 5,600 gil
Fierce Bow Bow Iron x240, Carbon Fiber x150, Velvet Ribbon x80, Smithy Hammer x70, Moonstone x70, Philosopher's Stone x1, 13,000 gil


Defeat Jie Revorse - INT
Defeat Jie Revorse - ADV
Defeat Jie Revorse - PRO
Defeat Jie Revorse - ELT

Jie Revorse is not an overly powerful opponent. It relies mostly on physical attacks although it can also use magic attacks as well though these are mostly seen when its HP decreases.

It has a -50% weakness to Lightning, is immune to all status ailments and vulnerable to all stat breaks.


Jie Revorse is not too difficult to beat, if one exploits his Lightning weakness and Machine Killer, he can be defeated easily. A Physical Cover Tank should be sufficient to keep the party alive if the player needs defenses. As stated beforehand, the Raid is bugged and chain damage isn't counted, so it is recommended to use single strike finishers to beat Jie Revorse quickly. Olive is by far the best choice due to Sparky being Lightning elemental, having a powerful move on True Shot and being strong against Machines herself, otherwise finishers like Cloud, Dragonlord or Blossom Sage Sakura are helpful too, although currently there is not Magic version of Magic Killer so it may be preferable to use physical damage.

Musical themes[]

The raid's boss theme is "Dream and Reality". It is the tenth track in Disc 2 of the Star Ocean: First Departure Original Soundtrack, which was composed by Motoi Sakuraba.


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